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Fly Fishing for Trout at Riverside Road and Bellows Mill

The Verulam Angling Club  has for over forty years organized 10 weeks of fly-fishing for trout at its Riverside Road fishery from February to April. Guests may be taken, see details below. Following the acquisition by VAC of Ford and Mill lakes at Bellows Mill near Eaton Bray, Ford Lake was developed into an additional trout fly-fishing water.

This trout fishery is open for most of the year and has two main seasons, February to June and September to December. Non VAC member guest tickets are available during the main spring and autumn seasons at each fishery. The remaining weeks when the Bellows Mill fishery is open it is VAC members only.

Any VAC member can fish the trout waters by purchasing either a season or a day ticket in advance.   

A fine 5lb 8oz rainbow from Bellows Mill


The trout fisheries are stocked with Rainbows. Fishing is by fly only and there is a strict 3-fish limit per day on both waters.

We also have a number of brown trout in Ford Lake that can be fished for on a Catch & Release (C&R) basis. Members fishing at Ford Lake must immediately return any brown trout caught and these do not count towards the 3-fish limit.

All rainbow trout caught must be killed and once the limit has been reach all fishing must cease. A reminder that it is a VAC rule that all hooks should be barbless or have the barb flattened. We hope this will allow the browns to grow on for future sport. 

A prime consideration will be the welfare of returned brownies and the committee will monitor the situation especially if the weather turns too warm. Notices will advise of any changes to this.

Availability can be checked via the calendar on the VAC website and an email to vactroutbm@gmail.com stating your requirements is all that is needed. Hope to see you on the water soon.

See Panel Below Regarding How to Buy Tickets at Either Fishery

Our beautiful Ford Lake

Verulam Trout Ticket Prices and Dates 2018/9

The following prices and dates were agreed at the 2018 Verulam Trout Annual Meeting.



Full Season

Half Season

Full Floating

Half Floating


Off Season *

Riverside Road

09/02/18 to 19/04/18

108 (1)

62 (2)

134 (3)

72 (4)



Bellows Mill Spring

22/02/18 to 20/06/18

87 (5)






Bellows Mill Autumn

27/09/18 to 19/12/18

87 (5)







As Above

103 (6)







As Above

25 (7)

* Off Season is at Ford Lake, Bellows Mill only and is from 21/06/18 to 31/0718 and 20/12/18 to 31/01/19 inclusive.

(1) One named day per week throughout the season (10 visits).       } also see note 8      

(2) One named day per fortnight throughout the season (5 visits).    }                    

(3) Any one day per week throughout the season (10 visits).             }                   

(4) Any one day per fortnight throughout the season (5 visits).          }                   

(5) A season permit at Ford Lake, Bellows Mill allows eight visits each season but only once in each designated week. Details on permit.

(6) A dual permit allows one named day per fortnight at Riverside Road (5 visits) plus any day at Bellows Mill (4 visits) at least two weeks apart throughout the season.

(7) Guest Tickets. One guest may accompany members to fish under the same rules. A Guest Ticket at Bellows Mill also allows coarse fishing on Mill Lake.

(8) Riverside Road bookings or amendments must be made via Chris Jennings, Richard Russell or Bob Ring see contact details below.


Applications for season permits should be made to:- Barry Evans (Secretary) trout@verulam-angling.co.uk 

Day Tickets and Guest Tickets are available from:-

Chris Jennings       tel: 01442.265866 (early evening) (chrisjjennings@btinternet.com)

Richard Russell      tel: 01727.838178 (richardrussell_9@sky.com)

Bob Ring                  tel: 07747795334 (bobring@btinternet.com)

Barry Arthurs (Bellows Mill only) 0745 3264 662  evenings



To see how many anglers are booked to fish on any day check the calendar. Riverside Road  Click here
The Riverside Road and Bellows Mill calendars can be viewed by clicking on the links. Both calendars should be viewed in WEEK mode, tab is top right of screen. Bellows Mill   Click here

 NOTE Tickets are only available to current VAC members - to join see the link in the main body of the Website.

Free Fly Fishing Guidance 

In February and March, the beginning of the trout fishing year, Verulam Trout usually run  an introduction to fly fishing and casting sessions free of charge. Although we provide a rod and line for these sessions many newcomers, understandably, lack the basic equipment to start fishing straight away. With this in mind the Club have purchased enough equipment to allow members to borrow an outfit so that they can simply buy a day ticket and start catching.

For a deposit, or outright purchase, of 85 for each outfit VAC members can then buy an appropriate fishing ticket, or tickets, and start fly fishing.  The outfit consists of a matching rod, reel, line and leaders ready assembled together with an assortment of  flies.

If they are "hooked" on fly fishing they can then buy tackle of their own choice at a later date and hand the club's outfit back for a full refund (less any breakages). If needed free casting and fishing guidance comes with the package. Any VAC members can, at any time of the year, take up this offer by contacting Bob Ring  

The dates for 2018 are:-

An Introduction to Fly-Fishing: Riverside Road (indoors) 3rd  February 2018 10am - 2.30

Covers choice of equipment and techniques of fly-fishing (refreshments included)

Casting Clinic: Riverside Road 18th February 2017 10am - noon

Basics of fly-casting 

Any members (or friends) interested should contact Clive Butcher

Only members of VAC or their guests can fish any VAC water but reduced cost membership is available until 15th June


Other Verulam Trout Fly Fishing 2018

Verulam Trout also arrange a few, fun, fly fishing competitions in aid of charity and BBQs to mark the end of the seasons on their waters.

We will also be arranging Away Days on Saturdays throughout the year to commercial fisheries such as Thornwood Springs, Grafham Water, Elinor and Eyebrook.

For further details about joining in and fly fishing please contact Verulam Trout Secretary 

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