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Updated Friday 10th March 2006

Expect intermediate or faster sinking lines to be your best bet with probably white and green Cat’s whisker first choice of lures. A black and green Cat’s whisker or Orange blob will be worth trying, all to be fished with a very slow  retrieve on the bottom. Boobies on fast sinkers and short leaders are also taking fish.

Try Nymphs, as the water temperature increases, on floating lines and a 10’ leader, with a slow retrieve, with Montana's and Bloodworm bound to take fish.

Best spot to fish is usually lodge bay, especially as a lot of fish were stocked in this area, but fish can generally be found all round the lake.

Contact Neil Roberts on 01707 329107

Trout Section 2006 Calendar

 Fly casting lessons Sunday 12 and Tuesday 28 March.  Dave Marlborough Memorial Match Friday 6:00 for 6:30 on Friday 5 May.  Section Away Days Sunday 18 June to Eyebrook and Saturday 16 September to Manor Farm.

If you would like to book your place on our Away Days contact Neil Roberts

Trout Report:

Submitted by Oster Bayne

The Trout Season started with a three day freeze and then a “Bang” as the fish came out!

With 351 trout in at Riverside Road, the Trout section were waiting with bated breath for the start of the season on Friday 3 March, then came the big freeze which lasted for three days. The Committee agreed all members unable to fish could, by arrangement, “bank” their tickets for use another day. Thankfully, the ice started to melt on Sunday evening.

Then came Monday 6 March with the water free of ice and we were off. Fishing was a bit more challenging than at the start of last years season, with the fish very deep and “taking” very gently but they were there and they did come out fighting furiously.

Four anglers reported taking their three fish limits with one rather special fisherman taking the first real “biggie” at just under 6 pounds. Welcome back to the section Clive Butcher, you lucky fellow. Fortunately for us, a camera was to hand so the success was recorded. For the record, the fish landed by Clive were one at 5 lbs and 15 oz, one at 2 lbs and 11 oz and the “tiddler” at only 1 lb and 14 oz.

Come and have a go. The trout section can arrange for lessons if you have never tried fly fishing before. Contact Neil Roberts on 01707 329107 or Oster Bayne on 01582 832916 for details of lessons and for seasoned fly fishermen, Fred Edwards for Day Tickets on 01727 862329


Clive Butcher with our first “Biggie” for 2006 at 5 lbs 15 oz


Fred Edwards helps Oster Bayne land his first 2 lb trout of the season

THE VAC has for many years organised fly-fishing for trout at its Riverside Road fishery during the traditional coarse close season.


The 2006 season runs for 10 weeks from Friday the 3rd of March until Thursday 11th May.

Members fish the same day each week and this can sometimes be varied by prior arrangement.


The first stocking this year went in with 351 fish averaging 2lbs, with 30 fish over 3lbs for added sport.

Stocks of Rainbows are introduced approximately every two weeks and range from 1.75 to 6lb.


Fishing is fly-only and you must be a VAC Club Member.

Concessionary membership for Trout Season only is available but full VAC membership is best value.


The cost of a full season ticket is £75 for 10 days and a half season ticket is £40.

Day tickets to VAC Members cost £9.00 and accompanied guest tickets are £15.

There is a strict 3 Fish limit per day.


For Season ticket enquiries contact John Youngs on 01582 833678.

For Day and Guest tickets, contact Fred Edwards on 01727862329 or alternatively Oster Bayne on 01582 832916 with two days notice please.


During the summer months a number of day trips are organised to quality commercial fisheries, giving members a chance to fish together and get to know one another. Plans are in progress for the Club to have its own dedicated Trout Fishery.


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