Updated March 2017

Whole lake bookings only, no individual or split party bookings. Please check the calendar on home page for availability before enquiring.

A maximum of 4 anglers per booking.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at time of booking to secure your dates. The remaining balance to be paid no less than one week before the start of your session. All payments to be made by PayPal. Details will be provided when you are confirming your booking. Access code will be provided once full payment has been received.

Any booking durations are for a minimum of 48 hours.

Fees: £100 per night ( Sunday to Thursday }, £280 per weekend  (Friday to Sunday ), £650 per week.

Livebaits can be used only if caught on-site. Anyone caught bringing livebait to the fishery will be evicted with no refund and the EA will be engaged to bring a prosecution.

Your session starts at 12 o’clock midday and finishes at 11 am on your last day, you MUST leave the fishery at 11 am. You are not allowed to walk around the fishery prior to or after your session.

                                 FISHERY RULEs

Vehicles are to be parked in the fishery car park. In good weather when the ground is firm angler may drop off kit prior to returning their vehicles to the car park.

The fishery gates must be kept locked at all times.

No braided mainlines under 65lb. No nylon under 25lb

No barbed, treble, circle hooks or double hook rigs.

Any coarse fish deadbaits brought onto the fishery must have been frozen beforehand.

Maximum of 3 rods per angler, if you wish to floatfish for livebaits whilst at the pool it will count as one of your rods at that time.

Whilst you are fishing you must not be further than a maximum of 2 swims away from your rods and you must ensure you can hear your bite alarms at all times.

Strictly no non fishing guests unless agreed already agreed with the owners.

Boilies may be used in moderation

No excessive use of alcohol - absolutely no drugs.

No sacking or retaining of catfish, all fish to be returned as soon as possible.

No fires, firearms or dogs allowed.

Anyone using barbeques must ensure they do not damage the grass.

No litter. If you are found with any litter in the area of your swim you are responsible for clearing it up.

The fishery and its surrounding land are NOT a public toilet so please do not use it as one. Any mess (including toilet paper) must be removed from the fishery!

No cutting or pruning back of any bankside vegetation or trees.

Bait boats are allowed for bait placement. All other boats / dinghies are banned.

No drones

All persons enter the fishery at their own risk, we the owners will accept no liability for accident or injury to people, or loss/damage of their possessions.

Some of the catfish are tagged just beside the dorsal fin, as they are caught can you please record the full serial number on the tag and their weight. This is to enable us to keep a record of their growth rates.

Please make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the safe landing, unhooking and weighing of the fish. i.e. very large landing nets, weigh slings, unhooking mats, forceps and pliers etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that all fish are returned back to the pool in the same condition that you caught them.


Please Note: We are aware that some fisheries have suffered the loss of stock, due to the theft of fish by some anglers fishing their waters. To prevent this we feel we are left no option but to reserve the right to search any vehicles on our fisheries, for potential fish transportation equipment at any time during your stay. We would appreciate both your co-operation and understanding concerning these checks.