2010 Stick Float Clinic

A Lesson from the Master!

In late September, the Specialist Committee hosted it's second Stick Float Clinic at Marford Farm on the Short Walk stretch.

The lead on this event was taken by Keith Speer, who learnt all there is to know about river fishing direct from Izaak Walton himself. Well, almost. The fact is that Keith consistently catches great fish from all varieties of river, using his trusty stick float and centrepin method. Keith writes some wonderful session reports on the club's forum, and these always generate a lot of interest. With never-ending requests for information and advice, the logical next step was to host a day on how to fish the pin and stick float effectively.

Last year's event was very well attended, and this proved to be the case again this year. With the weather a bit cold and damp, we still had a full complement of hardy souls eager to soak up the tips and hints on offer

Keith started with a talk for about an hour, which ranged from how to 'read' a swim, to which shotting pattern to adopt in any given circumstance. His explanation on how fish feed in a flow was illuminating, and when he pulled the whole thing together by explaining how he would fish under different circumstances, it all started to make sense. As with anything, however, there is no substitute for practical experience. So off to the prepared swims we went...

Keith and Dave Currell had been prepping some swims all morning, and the gear was ready to use. Everyone had the chance to use the gear available to get some one-on-one tuition, and the rewards immediately became apparent, with several chaps immediately hooking barbel and chub. Nick Cerri had no sooner sat on Keith's box than he had landed a personal best 6lb+ barbell. The proof is in the pudding, as they say!

The guys put an awful lot of effort into organising this day, and it went extremely well. Everyone seemed to take something from the talks or the demonstrations, and the unanimous view was that it would improve their own fishing.

With some leftover bait, I decided to pop up to Marford Farm the next morning for a couple of hours. No fewer than four of the guys who had attended the previous day's Stick Float Clinic were there already, stick-floating to their heart's content. Converts to Keith's cause to promote the rivers, every one of them!

We recorded Keith's initial talk, and we hope to have this hosted on the Specialist Section's webpages in the next couple of weeks. It's long - over an hour and a quarter! - but well worth watching. You will undoubtedly learn something, and it certainly beats Eastenders!

The last word, as always, goes to the members...

'Was a good day if a little chilly at first, Autumn is definately here. Picked up a number of tips. Thanks to Keith for the talk and practical demonstration. Managed a few good chub from a swim I would not of fished with a float usually. My partner managed our biggest chub of the day on her second trot through ever with a stick float after id spent all day working the swim! - all 4lbs 12 oz of it. Thanks again Keith for organising and hosting the day.' - JPM


'Well a big thank you to Keith, Pikeprowler and all other members that made todays clinic possible. A great day and really informative. A special thanks goes to Cecil Keiths pet Barbel that turned up right on cue first chuck on the practical demonstration,well done Cecil! During the same demonstration I lost one of Keiths floats so if you do find a float at Marford with a price sticker on it saying 1s 3d. its Keiths!' Gary Stewart

'I`d like to thank Keith and John, Great coffee John. for this excellent day where i learnt more in a couple of hours than i`de learned in years of chucking and chancing then giving up to go back to the feeder. Although i was probably the only one who didn`t catch on the day, i know for sure i certainly will in the coming years with the info i`ve now picked up.' - Paul Chilton

'Many thanks to Keith and the specialist committee for yet another great day. Learnt loads,met many new people and even managed to catch plenty of chub!! (no barbel though!!). Once again it shows that this is the best angling club around for miles.' - Drakey

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