Carp Rig Clinic – 16th July 2011

Do you read the carp comics? Are you baffled by the fact that every month they all have the latest “wonder-rig” on show. Terry Hearn is bagging up on it! Nigel Sharp catches 50’s on it! How can you possibly not use it?

As you will almost certainly have gathered, most of it is utter rubbish. There are probably only four or five carp rigs worth mentioning, and the rest are just variations on a theme. However, until you understand how and why a rig works, it’s nigh-on-impossible to assess which to use in any given situation.

We have always run a “Carp Corner” on the club’s Open Day at Riverside Road. Generally, we have some experienced carp anglers on hand to respond to any and all questions that are thrown at us. However, in the last couple of years the questions have been increasingly rig-based, and we therefore thought we would try a “rig clinic” this year, to see if there was any interest.

No rig is necessarily wrong (providing it is safely constructed, of course) and all opinions are subjective. That said, we will have a wealth of experience on hand during the course of the day, and you will probably learn as much from listening to the guys argue the pro’s and con’s of each rig, as you will from being shown how to tie them yourself.

So, if you want to come down for a social, you are more than welcome. If you have any carp-fishing questions, bring them along. Any rig-based questions or demos will be especially welcome. We will have all the kit to hand. If you are intending to fish Smallford or Moor Mill for carp this year, you will have pretty much all of the bailiffs from both venues on hand to impart their knowledge. Come and pay us as visit, and we will see if we can give you some food for thought.

As ever, these things only work if you get involved. Although, if the worst comes to the worst, we will have plenty of tea supplies……

Paul Hill
Specialist Committee