Record Fish List

The record fish list continues to grow each month, and we are now seeing a healthy number of claims being submitted from a wide variety of venues. However there are still some vacant slots which can be claimed. Surely somebody has caught a Bream from Smallford?

Get your claims in via Jason Russell.

To make a record fish claim please email: record-list@verulam-angling.co.uk

Download a claim form here: PDF or Word

River Lea - Marford Farm

  • Perch - Kev Hawres - 3lb 6oz
  • Roach - Steve Currant - 2lb 14oz
  • Dace - Rhys Shield - 1lb 3oz
  • Barbel - John Glanville - 12lb 4oz
  • Mirror Carp - Allan Bayman- 13lb 4oz - Photo
  • Chub - Rhys Shield - 5lb 1oz

River Lea - Leasey Bridge

  • Koi Carp - Ken Neville - 20lb 2oz
  • Common Carp - David Canning - 12lb 15oz
  • Tench - David Canning - 1lb 12oz
  • Barbel - Jon Healey - 6lb 12oz - Photo
  • Roach - Ken Neville - 1lb 6oz
  • Gudgeon - Matt Young - 0lb 1oz
  • Perch - Darren Kempster - 3lb 10oz - Photo

River Great Ouse - Felmersham

River Great Ouse - Tingewick

  • Perch - Adam Ellis - 2lb 0oz

River Great Ouse - Milton Ernest

  • Barbel - John Burge - 14lb 14oz

River Great Ouse - Carlton Road

  • Tench - Paul Bangs - 5lb 1oz

River Ivel

  • Chub - Keith Speer - 5lb 12oz
  • Pike - Ken Major - 24lb 5oz
  • Roach - Brian Lakin - 2lb 11oz - Photo
  • Perch - Brian Lakin - 3lb 3oz - Photo

Moor Mill Pits, Park Street - Island Lake

  • Common Carp - Connor Johnson - 19lb 10oz
  • Mirror Carp - Keith Speer - 17lb 10oz - Photo
  • Tench - Chris Riley - 5lb 9oz

Moor Mill Pits, Park Street - Leather Lake

  • Common Carp - Tom Carey - 24lb 14oz - Photo
  • Mirror Carp - Lewis Chippendale - 44lb 8oz - Photo
  • Crucian Carp - Adam Ellis - 4lb 6oz - Photo
  • Tench - Adam Ellis - 5lb 14oz
  • Common Bream - Jake Hughes 10lb 6oz

Moor Mill Pits, Park Street - Pike Pit

  • Mirror Carp - Luke Creek - 25lb 8oz - Photo
  • Tench - Jake Hughes - 5lb 2oz

Moor Mill Pits, Park Street - School Pit

  • Mirror Carp - Jake Hughes - 23lb 0oz

Riverside Road, St Albans

  • Bronze Bream - Gary Lilley- 4lb 10oz 4dr - Photo
  • Mirror Carp - Brian Lakin - 13lb 13oz
  • Chub - Stan Kiddle - 3lb 6oz
  • Golden Orfe - Connor McGrath - 5oz 8drms
  • Tench - Ted Carter - 3lb 9oz
  • Rudd - Matt Young - 0lb 10oz
  • Crucian Carp - Stan Kiddle - 2lb 3oz - Photo
  • Roach - Stan Kiddle - 13oz

Smallford Pit

  • Common Carp - Buz Burry - 30lb 12oz - Photo
  • Mirror Carp - Nik Taylor-Pugh - 20lb 8oz - Photo
  • Tench - Mandy Spooner - 12lb 4oz - Photo

Frogmore Complex - Match Lake

  • Roach - Matt Young - 1lb 9oz
  • Perch - Stan Kiddle - 2lb 6oz - Photo
  • Bronze Bream - James Lawrance - 4lb 6oz - Photo
  • Mirror Carp - Steven Young - 11lb 4oz
  • Common Carp - Brian Lakin - 11lb 13oz
  • Tench - Matt Young - 14oz
  • Koi Carp - Ted Cater - 6lb 6oz
  • Rudd - Stan Kiddle - 0lb 9oz

Frogmore Complex - Tony's Lake

  • Tench - Pat Waugh 3lb 12oz
  • Perch - Stan Kiddle 1lb 8oz

Associated Waters

Turnford Consortium - Railway Pit

  • Common Eel - Richard Dowse - 6lb 02oz - Photo

Aylesbury Arm - Grand Union Canal

  • Mirror Carp - Paul Cooke - 22lb 0oz - Photo
  • Common Carp - John Gray - 21lb 0oz - Photo

Timberlands - Horseshoe Lake

  • Common Carp - Alan Bayman - 18lb 07oz - Photo
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Verulam Angling Club Record Fish Claims Rules

References: VAC Rule Book, Current EA Guidelines and Practises, Rulings and Guidelines of the Specialist Committee.

  • All fish registered for a VAC record, must have come from any one of the current listed VAC waters.
  • Records are claimable on all current VAC waters in all species present for that given venue; there will not be one record in each species to cover all waters in the VAC water listings.
  • All fish for which claims are made must have been caught using recognised and approved hook and line methods. (Refer to above references)
  • Fish that are being photographed and weighed in preparation for a record claim MUST be treated with the utmost care and attention and NOT kept out of the water for a protracted length of time.(For sacking/keep net rules refer to above references).
  • All record fish claimants must use the VAC recognised format to record and submit a record Fish. Claim. A "Record Fish Claim Form" has been compiled and posted on the Club website. This form may be downloaded and used to record details or used as a guide for the members own submissions. Claims may be either emailed or posted, along with the required photographs to The Record Fish Compiler. (Name, e-mail address and tel No's at the bottom of the rules.)
  • Along with the required information as requested on the Record Fish List Claim Form, the fish's measurements can be added, but this is not a requirement.
  • Claimants for any VAC Record fish must be in possession of a current VAC membership and current EA Rod Licence, and not be in any contravention of any VAC/EA rules at the time of capture. Failure to comply will lead not only to a non ratified claim, but may also be followed by any disciplinary action taken by the General Committee that might be thought commensurate with the offence committed. (Refer to above references)
  • Witnesses must be in possession of a current VAC membership and in preference be independent, although this, it is understood, is not always possible, therefore they can be either friend or relation. They must also not be in contravention of any VAC/EA rules at the time of capture (refer to rule (g) for consequences).
  • Scales should be of the best quality available at the time of capture, and should any question as to the weight of the fish arise, these should be held ready for an inspection and or comparison, to check weight for ratification purposes.
  • Photographs required (see Claim Form) should be of the best available quality at the time of capture and clearly show a) the fish's body in as much detail as possible, b) be in the best possible light at the time of capture and c) show the captor as a comparison to the fish, or be photographed next to a rod or if available a tape measure.
  • The requirement for a picture is waived if the capture is made during an official VAC match, and is witnessed by a member of the VAC Match Committee, unless it is a species i.e, Carp, Barbel, Pike, that can have recognizable features.
  • A Captor may wish to remain anonymous from any publication on the VAC Web Site or the VAC Forum, and should they so wish a signed note should be added to the claim form. Their name and details will however be held on the VAC Specialist Committee Record files for reference.
  • All claims ratification are the sole province of the Specialist Committee, whose elected members will meet on the first Monday (where possible) of every month. Therefore claimants of ratified/ non ratified claims will be informed as such as soon as possible thereafter, either by e-mail or telephone or the preferred method of the claimant.
  • Any ruling of the Specialist Committee appertaining to the ratification or non- ratification of a record fish claim will be final.

Chairman Specialist Committee: Jon Hussey

Fish Records Compiler:

Jason Russell
8 Windhill
Welwyn Garden City

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