VAC Pike Match 2014

This was held at Moor Mill in January 2014, and the main organiser Paul Chilton writes;

Sunday morning, as I walked toward the gathering competitors, it was clear that this year’s turn out was going to be a good one. At around 8.20am, I gathered the folks to do the match draw.

23 were there for the draw, and I re-iterated the basic rules, and the Pikers then chose their swims. At that point 2 other competitors came along and joined the others. They generally stayed fairly close to the base point, where the 3 lakes meet.

5 chose the causeway bank on the Leather Pit, 3 fished the Island pit causeway where the wooden bench is located, I think there was 4 on the Pike Pit, and Steve the eventual winner took Alders just the other side of the gate on the Island Lake.

Paul Hill and Pete Cockle were walking round the Island Pit making sure everyone was settled in, and told me Steve had had a fish of 9lb 7oz and around 20 minutes later Steve phoned through to say he`d had 3 fish that totalled around 21lb. Nick Cerri later confirmed he had witnessed all 3 catches.

Next fish out was from the Pike Pit at bang on 5lb. Then a fish came from the Leather Pit at 4lb. It had one deeply swallowed treble, so I volunteered to have a go at hook removal. After a couple of attempts, I got the treble upside down and released it, at exactly the same time the Pike flipped, and placing one of its finest straight in the front of my thumb. It took over an hour to stop bleeding, and even then it kept re-opening.

Then a 2lb fish from the Leather, in the corner by the wooden bench, after the 3rd run from the same fish. Then it went very quiet for the last hour and a half, then with about an hour to go Nick Cerri landed a lovely 8lb fish very close in from the Island Pit just to the left of the wooden bench.

The stats:

1st Steve with 9lb6oz 4lb10oz 7lb2oz
2nd Nick Cerri 8lb
3rd Lee Carn 5lb
4th Pat Fitzpatrick 4lb
5th Olly Cullum 2lb

So, congrats to Steve on being this year’s worthy winner. With a quick flurry of three fish, he was at the head of the field throughout. The Mill did not fish fantastically well this year, but the bright clear weather was against us, and there were still a reasonable number of fish landed.
It was great to see so many competitors this year. 25 entered for this match is by far our biggest field to date. Is pike fishing on the up, or is this the result of Paul Chilton’s tireless work in promoting this facet of our sport through his predator tuition days? Either way, it’s great to see.
Well done Paul for organising the day, and thanks to everyone that took part. We hope to see you again next year!

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