Photo Class at Riverside road

Date to be set
It's so easy these days with the point and click cameras. But there is no doubt whatsoever that a decent digital SLR takes a much better picture. Most of the serious specimen anglers we come across on the banks have an SLR of one variety or another.......
...and most of them have permanently turned to the "Automatic" setting. Me included. Despite the fact that there are probably another dozen settings, combined with filters and other gizmos that will undoubtedly help you to get a better shot. What do these other settings and filters do? Absolutely no idea. Nor has anyone else I've spoken to on the bank. "Automatic seems to be the default setting for most of us.
Now there ARE some anglers who take a damned good photo. If you catch a decent fish at Moor Mill, and Tom Carey happens to be about, you could do a lot worse than to ask him to do the honours with the camera. His photos are consistently top quality. But even he doesn't really know why. He's just played around with the camera and found what works.
It seems to me that we have an extremely expensive bit of kit that we are utilising to only a small percentage of it's potential. A bit like using 3.5 test curve rods to fish ten yards out, I suppose, Nothing wrong with that, but there's so much more they can do...
With this in mind, we have set up a camera course. It'll be for one evening at Riverside Road. The Date is yet to be decided, This course is to be held by a professional photographer who provides the training courses for Nikon. The courses are usually a day long, and cost in the region of £200.00 per person. However, as we are only interested in taking scenery shots and shots of fish, he will tailor the course to suit us, and will fit it into about 3 hrs. As he's a mate, it will also only cost about £15 a head! It's set at beginner level, so don't worry about looking like a novice; we all are!,
We reckon we have room for about 20 people on this course. If it ends up being massively oversubscribed, we will try to set up a second date to accomodate. In the interim, We would be grateful if you could register with Paul Hill your interest in attending.