The Matt Mills Memorial Trophy 2011

The Return of the Carp Matches!

The Specialist Committee are pleased to announce the return of the Matt Mills Memorial Trophy for 2011. As many of you will know, this is the VAC’s carp pairs championship.

There are a couple of changes for this year’s competition, and we are aware that there are plenty of new members in the club who have not come across this competition before, so a quick run through of the format is set out below.

This is a carp-only match, fished in pairs. The matches are fished from 1800hrs on the Friday evening until 1400hrs on the Sunday afternoon, and the highest total weight of carp caught during that time is deemed to be the winner. Each pair will fish together in a “double” swim, or two adjacent single swims. All swims have their own designated water to fish, and marshals will clarify the boundaries if necessary. The draw for swims takes place at 1700hrs prompt on the Friday evening, and the draw is done as a “walk-off”, so that first pair out of the hat choose their swim first, and so on. Appointed marshals will be at all matches, and the marshals will witness, weigh and verify each capture. If you have a fish on as the final whistle sounds, you have 15 minutes to land this fish. The marshals’ decision is final in all aspects of the competition.

In previous years we have ceased fishing on the Saturday afternoon for a charity barbeque and raffle. This year, we have decided to fish straight through for the heats, and we will only be running a barbeque and raffle for the Grand Final in August.

The final will be contested by thirteen pairs of anglers. Last year’s winners qualify for the final automatically, and the remaining places will be taken by pairs qualifying from the heats. If we hold the intended three heats, the top four pairs in each heat will qualify for the final. If we add the fourth heat to the competition, the top three pairs from each of the four heats will qualify.

The entry fee is £20.00 per pair plus a raffle prize donation, which will be collected at the draw of your chosen heat. This can be anything, large or small, and does not have to be fishing related. All donations are greatly appreciated. The winning pair at the Grand Final will receive the coveted trophy, and a prize of £500.00. There are no runners-up prizes; this is a winner-takes-all competition.

Please Note that we will not be accepting entries without pre-payment. If you would like to enter, we will need the names of both anglers, your entry fee, a contact telephone number and your preferred choice of heat. We will do our best to accommodate all heat choices, but there may be a situation where we offer you an alternative heat. If you are unable to make this alternative heat, we will of course refund your entry fee.

Please forward all entries to Paul Hill at 1 Briars Wood, Hatfield, Herts AL10 8DA. If you wish to pay by cheque, please make this payable to Verulam Angling Club Ltd.

The dates for this year’s heats are noted below. We have allowed for a provisional fourth heat in August this year, as we have been over-subscribed in previous years. Please do NOT select this as your preferred option initially. We will only confirm this fourth heat if there is enough interest in the competition.

Heat One - Moor Mill - 13-15 May 2011

Heat Two - Smallford - 17-19 June 2011

Heat Three - Moor Mill - 15-17 July 2011

Heat Four - Moor Mill - 5-7 August 2011 ***Provisional Only***

Grand Final - Smallford - 26-28 August 2011

So, I think that’s it. Good luck to all who enter, and we will publish entries and heats on the VAC forum in due course. Any questions, please get in touch – all the relevant numbers are in your club book.

We hope to see you there!

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