Keith & Dave wax lyrical...

We recently hosted an evening with Keith Speer and Dave Currell at the Hatfield Social Club. Having in the past hosted some big name speakers in large venues, such as Martin Bowler at the Abbey Theatre a couple of years ago, we wanted to try something a little more intimate.

It’s all very well having major angling stars, and they certainly do attract large crowds, but they are a little intimidating in terms of the size of the audience and the venue itself, when it comes to asking questions. The show therefore tends to be the celebrity talking to (at?) the audience, with very little interaction.

At the other end of the scale, we have Keith and Dave talking about how to approach fishing our rivers for roach and barbel, in the main. It’s a nice little venue with a bar, and there are about 30 people gathered. It’s very informal, and interruptions and questions are positively encouraged. Due to the nature of the event, the questions and queries flow freely, and the discussion twists and turns in all sorts of unanticipated directions. There is some practical demonstration in things like shotting patterns and the right “action” for a rod, and there are plenty of photos in the slideshow, plenty of angling tales of daring-do, and plenty of laughs.

The crowd contributes with their “What if….” and their “Yes, but…….” scenarios, and at times it turns into an open discussion between all. Keith and Dave need no introduction – they are two very gifted river anglers who have been there and done it. But the audience are no slouches either. Opinions and counter-opinions. Good natured joshing. Outright piss-taking (okay, that was me!). It’s a rough and ready roller-coaster of an evening, and the more it goes on, the more I find that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Mr Bowler and Mr Hearn are all well and good. But they ain’t our Keith and Dave, are they? It was a very enjoyable night, and one that I am sure we will be repeating in some format later in the year.

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