Stick Float Clinic 2015

Well we pulled it off! This year's Stick Float Clinic was held at Marford Farm on 17 October to the delight of those attended, as angling legend Keith Arthur came and provided a most informative and interesting insight into his approach to this style of angling.

It was with some deliberation for the Events Committee as to how we could plan this year's event, with the great Keith Speer no longer with us to preside over what was considered by many as his greatest angling skill and contribution to the club. With our Keith's association with Keith Arthur the idea of asking TV's premier angling authority to come along and demonstrate his tactics turned into reality when he readily agreed. The Events Committee made the decision to not publicise Keith Arthur's participation before the day to ensure that members applying for a place were doing so for the right reasons.

Naturally the venue had to be closed to general access to members for this event. Our volunteers did a fine job in setting up the gazebos in the car park and serving a most excellent subsidised breakfast. Suitably fed the group assembled at the gate to listen to Keith describe his approach to stick float fishing. This included how to select the right float not just for the flow and conditions but also for the bait chosen, together with an explanation of how loose feed falls in the flow and how to correctly present the float to match, timing depth and striking for optimum connection and hook hold.

The group then followed Keith to his swim (number 9 of course!) where he hooked a fish on his first run through, without any bait in the hook! The scene was set for a fascinating display with everyone able to hear Keith's running commentary, advice and general angling anecdotes, and offered the chance to use his tackle and be guided as to how to do it.

Backing up Keith in other swims and also offering both expert advice and hands on opportunities to try were Andy Ferrier, Dave Currell and Malcolm de Friend, the latter two being key organisers of the day. Although low water level and flow, together with a bitter wind provided less than ideal fishing conditions, some fine fish graced the banks, and the day was a resounding success. Some photographs from the event can be seen by clicking the link on the left.

The Events Committee are most grateful for the appreciation shown on the day and since with the kind comments and positive feedback both verbal and on the Forum.

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