Pole workshop 27th September Riverside Road

The events and match committee hosted another pole workshop at Riverside Road off the back of a successful event 2 years ago. The aim was to provide an insight and coaching to anglers of all levels and abilities on how to get the most from fishing the pole.

The event was hosted by two of the clubs championship winning anglers,Stan Kiddle and Allan Bayman. Both have considerable experience fishing the pole in the Verulam Club championship and a range of matches outside of this and utilizing a wide range of techniques.

We had a nice sized turn out from beginners to experienced anglers who wanted to know more about pole fishing. One of our groups had some experience fly fishing but the pole was quite new to them so this event was ideal to give them an insight into the world of pole fishing.

We started off the day explaining the different types of pole from margin pole, mid range poles up the flagship poles, how to set them up and we also covered what can be confusing topics such as elastics, pole bungs and float types and rigs. We spent some time trying to demystify some of the most complex subjects with some hands on demonstrations.

Multiple club champion Stan provided some great tips from his years of match fishing which should prove invaluable including some very good money saving tips such as making hookups from old elastic and making doobreys from drinking strays. Ben Blank and Jerry Twohig, both of whom fish some of the club matches,, also gave their input making the session really good and interactive.

We then moved onto setting up your seat box for optimum comfort and covered topics around the set up such as socks and pole rollers.

The group we had were brilliant learners and after some really good questions it was clear they were enthusiastic, keen to learn and put into practice what they had learned and start fishing.

Very quickly Julie Hathaway had and 8lb plus carp on her pole and this would be the biggest fish of the day. As they day progressed a number of nice fish were caught by all and Paul Hill , Moor Mill fishery manager ,showed he was adept at all forms of fishing and put together a nice string of bream and carp to around 5lb.

Young Ethan and his parents caught a nice mix of fish under the expert tuition of Stan and James Hathaway caught tench and carp fishing the long pole and paste for the first time. He’d been catching some silvers on the short pole initially but seemed to quickly pick up the technique for fishing the long pole which can be tricky.

I was impressed that by the end of the session all the group were able to demonstrate a good knowledge of pole tackle from elastics, rig shotting, float selection and most were able to hold the pole and accurately feed , known as pinging, which is something many anglers struggle with after years of fishing. Overall an excellent group of enthusiastic anglers who we’ll be watching with keen interest to see their future pole catches.

We went to some lengths to try and tailor the days to the specific needs of each anglers and whilst this can be tricky with a variety of interested and abilities fro the excellent feedback we received it looks like we managed to achieve a very good standard of execution against the aims of the attendees. We had a short quiz at the end and I was impressed that everyone scored 100% just showing how attentive they were and how well they picked up on the topics.

Off the back of this we hope to make this event an annual fixture on the events calendar if possible.

So if you want to improve you pole fishing or have never used one and want to know more about pole fishing keep your eye out for future events.

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