Stephen Hill with one of 6 fish taken at Moor Mill on 17 January 2016 to win the latest Pike Match.

The 2nd VAC pike match of the 2015/16 winter season made it by the skin of its teeth. Paul Chilton of the Events Committee posted the following report.

It wasn`t frozen off. but with lots of margin ice and over night snow fall. it got about as close as it could have. A strange set of incidents dictated who won and how. Derek Greening of the events committee provided the pre match Tea and Coffee with a little help from who I presume was his wife.

So the draw was done and the 12 competitors spread themselves around 2 lakes. no one chose the Pike pit. Within 10 minutes I got a phone call to say i`ve got a fish. So off I went through the mud around the back of the Island pit to weigh and Photograph the fish. A 5lb odd fish in great condition. So very early on we had a leader. Steve Hill.

I carried on around the pit in search of other competitors with no joy. The vast majority were on the Leather pit. Before I reached the bridge across the river the phone went again. i`ve got another one Paul. So the total was now up to around 10 lb within the first 30 minutes.

I had a chat with several fisherman on the Leather pit and no one had had a bite run of any thing. The phone goes again Steve Hill again saying this one was bigger. He held it in the landing net till i got around. It weighed 10lb 5oz. So I hung around this time. while i was there it went again for a 6lb fish. then again for an 8lb fish. Then it went quiet. So I made my way down to the Leather again to see if any thing was going on. Not a touch between 9 other anglers. Kieron had moved swim for the 2nd time and witnessed an 8lb fish again from the Island pit in the corner near the fallen willow swim from a different angler. Paul Dale. While this info was being passed along Ken Budworth right in the corner of the Leather pit a giant of 3lb ish. Then I get another call from Steve Hill to say his mate Alan Tyler had caught a fish. so i trudged round there again. While I was there both of them had another one each.

1st Steve Hill 42lb 2oz (6 fish)
2nd Alan Tyler 14lb 4oz (3 fish)
3rd Paul Dale 8lb 3oz (1 fish)
4th Ken Budworth 3lb (1 fish)

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