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We've got plenty planned for 2011. Most of the event will follow on from the successes of previous years, and many of you will be familiar with the formats by now. We 've not yet confirmed many of the dates, and these will be done early in the New Year, but to give you an idea of the stuff we have planned, here 's our proposed calendar;

  • TBA Digital SLR Camera Course / Roach Fishing on the River Avon at Britford
  • 6th February 2011 Predator match at Felmersham

We have a few more ideas which we are working on for 2011. Some are pretty standard, and some are very ambitious. For example, we are toying with the idea of a VAC carp fishing trip to France. This will be a guided trip to a prolific French Lake, owned by one of our VAC members, Roy Fulton, and would perhaps suit those who had always fancied a crack at the French carp, but never had the companions to go with, or had simply not got round to organising it themselves. Roy will act as your guide, and will do everything he can to ensure that your trip is a success. It's a beautiful lake, stuffed full of big lumpy carp, and there 's on site catering so you needn't even worry about the cooking! If we get the interest from the members, this could be organised quite easily, and costs kept to a minimum. Let us know if this appeals to you.

Similarly, if there's something you think we should be doing, or if you have an idea for an outing, please let us know. If we think we can get the numbers to attend, we 'll happily consider most things. For instance, we 've never done any sort of event relating to bream - are there any dedicated bream anglers out there? Or how about a day chasing big Perch on our stretch of the Upper Ouse at Tingewick? The perch are certainly there, but would the anglers be? We need feedback from you guys to help us to gauge whether an event is likely to succeed or not. Let us have your thoughts - you can always contact and we will see what we can do!

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