How to claim a British Record fish BRFC

Claims for record fish are administered by the British Record (rod caught) Fish Committee.
They can be contacted at:
c/o NFSA Head Office
Level 5 Hamlyn House
Mardle Way
TQ11 0NS

The BRFC can be contacted by telephone on 01364 644643 (24 hour answerphone)
The activities of the Committee are voluntary, and claims are considered and adjudicated upon, only on the basis that the Committee shall be under no obligation whatsoever to claimants, that its decisions shall be final, and it shall not be obliged to give reasons for its decisions.
Claimants should contact the Committee for advice on preservation, where appropriate, identification and the claims procedure.
Claims must be confirmed promptly in writing to the secretary of the BRFC stating;
The species of fish and weight and if a game fish whether a natural or cultivated fish or in the case of the Rainbow Trout whether a cultivated, resident or wild fish.
The date and place of capture and the tackle used, and in the case of sea fish whether shore or boat caught.
The names and addresses of, preferably, two witnesses, both as to the capture by the claimant and the weight. These witnesses will be required to sign the forms supporting the claim. If there are no witnesses to the capture, the claimant must verify the catch by affidavit.
Photographs of the fish must be made available which should be good quality and preferably in colour. They should include shots of the angler holding the fish in a normal manner, or in the case of a very large fish, standing alongside it. They should also show the fish lying on, or next to, an identifiable object.
The fish must be weighed on land using scales which can be tested on behalf of the BRFC.
A Weights and Measures Certificate must be produced certifying the accuracy of the scales used. All costs incurred in submitting a claim must be met by the claimant.
Protected species
The following are rare or threatened species in Great Britain and are protected under the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and later Orders. It is an offence to capture any of these fishes intentionally. Anglers who believe they may have captured a specimen of any of these species are advised to unhook and release the fish unharmed as soon as possible after capture.

Allis Shad - Alosa alosa

Burbot - Lota lota

Schelly, Powan or Gwyniad - Coregonus lavaretus

Sturgeon - Aclpenser Sturio

Vendace - Coregonus albula

No claims for these species will be entertained by the BRFC.