An Evening with Martin Bowler


An evening with Martin Bowler

This was a leap into the unknown for us. We were absolutely delighted that we had secured the services of Martin Bowler to come down and talk about his new Catching the Impossible films and his experiences as probably the country's most prolific specimen hunter. But how many would want to come and listen? What should we budget for?

We decided to think big, and rather than hold this event at a social club, as we have done in the past, we hired the Abbey Theatre in St Albans. This would seem to be the ideal venue - plenty of seating, a licensed bar, and a decent foyer so that we could invite guests to display their wares. Now all we needed were the punters to buy the tickets!

We shouldn't have worried. The tickets sold well and whilst the venue was not 'sold out' there was a very healthy attendance on the night, with 120+ of our members turning up to see the show.

Martin Bowler certainly did not disappoint. Whilst he has already released two DVDs of the Catching the Impossible series, we were treated to a large amount of never before seen footage from the forthcoming third DVD. Martin talked us through the filming and the fishing; both equally fascinating, and held the audience rapt for the evening. 40lb+ common carp, 30lb+ pike and enormous specimens of every other species were caught right before our eyes, and the captor talked us through every second.

Martin is a very entertaining speaker, and despite his mild tone and self-deprecating manner, he has the ability to convey the excitement and the pure unadulterated pleasure of catching that 'Fish of a Lifetime'. Despite now being a full time angler, his enthusiasm for the sport is very clear to see. From the looks on the faces of the audience, he kept them thoroughly entertained, and the feedback we got after the event was entirely positive. If you get the chance to see one of Martin's shows, we'd thoroughly recommend that you go along, as it really is a great insight into how he sets about catching for the cameras.

We also hosted the guys from the Angling Trust and ECHO for the evening; this will be a common theme for many of our events, as we really do feel that it's vitally important that these receive the support and backing of anglers. Verulam Angling Club has already joined both organisations on a corporate basis, but the lifeblood of these organisations is the individual member.

angling trust

Mike Heylin, the new Chairman of the Angling Trust, took the stage and spoke for a few minutes. He then took questions from the audience, and we feel that it was an important step in getting the message across to the anglers on the bank.

Overall, the evening was a great success. So much so that we are now confident enough to plan a few more of these. We have some guest speakers in mind for the next couple, including some big names from the carp world. Nothing booked yet, but watch this space; we will let you know as soon as anything is confirmed.

You can see the photos from this event by clicking on the photo galleries link.

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