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Each year, in conjunction with the Carp Matches, we hold a series of prize raffles, with a giant prize raffle held at the Grand Final in August. As is always the case, we ask for donations of prizes, and these are still needed if you have anything sitting unused in your cupboards. Please get in touch with me if you have anything you can donate.

Now, this year, we have had some extremely generous offers of prizes, and we have a few that we felt were simply too good to give away as raffle prizes. We have therefore decided to try our luck and see if we can auction them off.

We plan to open the auction in the next few weeks, to coincide with the release of this newsletter, so by the time you are reading this the fun should be about to begin. Primarily, the auction will be run on the clubs Forum. We will keep an updated list of bids and prices for each item on the Forum, so that you can check at all times what the items are fetching. We will not name bidders; we will simply update prices.

The Auction will close at 6:00pm on Saturday 28th August, during the Barbeque at the Grand Final of the Carp Match. However, we will allow bidding in person at this BBQ, if anyone wants to have a last minute stab at securing one of the items. At 6:00pm the winning bidders will be announced.

In order to bid, please send me a private message on the forum (I am "BlueofHerts" on the club forum). Alternatively, you can email me with your bid to paulhillcra@hotmail.com, or you can phone your bid through to me on 07826 913705. All bids must be accompanied with your VAC membership number for identification purposes. Please note that all bids are binding. All proceeds will go towards our chosen charity, the Mount Vernon Cancer Appeal.

And so to the prizes so far - please keep an eye on the forum as we are negotiating on a couple more prizes which may be donated shortly and we will update the list as required.

Two Tickets to a Chelsea match next season

These are season tickets which have been donated by a club member. The tickets are six rows from the front of the Matthew Harding Lower stand at Stamford Bridge, right behind the goal - you will have an awesome view. If you are after autographs, the players warm up right in front of you before the match.

Two Tickets to an Arsnal match next season

As above, two tickets to a premiership game of your choice at the magnificent Emirates Stadium to see the Gunners in action. (Excluding games against Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool). Kindly donated by a club member.

Dave Lane Oval Plus 5000

This is an extremely versatile brolly / bivvy system made by JRC and endorsed by carping legend Dave Lane. He doesn't put his name on rubbish kit! This goes up in seconds, and provides a secure shelter for the night. It comes with storm sides and front panels attached. This is not quite new, but if we hadn't told you that you would never know. It's absolutely pristine. One of the better shelters that someone could pick up at a bargain price.

One Weeks Free Fishing at Fabulous Roseau

Roseau is fast becoming one of the most popular French carp venues there is. Owned and run by a VAC member, it is throwing up large numbers of very big fish. This is not a hard water - you are guaranteed a good number of fish during the week. And with a restaurant and bar, showers and WCs on site, it's a nice comfortable venue as well.In fact, ideal for your first trip to France if you have always wanted to go, and never quite taken the plunge.

With fish to way over 40lbs, and lots of them, you should have a fantastic time. This is a "Drive and Survive" package for one person, but you are free to book additional guests at a reduced rate. Check out the venue at www.anglinglines.com and you will see that this prize is worth upwards of £300!

A guest ticket for the exclusive "Fisheries"

What can we say about "The Fisheries"? To be honest, if you haven't heard of it, then this prize is probably not for you. This will be one that the serious carp anglers will be falling over themselves to bid for.

It's no exaggeration to say that The Fisheries is probably the most sought after ticket in the carping world. Nestling at the centre of that carp fishing mecca The Colne Valley, it is a truly stunning fishery that produces monstrous carp in a setting that is idyllic. It's an impossible dream for most; it's extremely difficult to even get on the waiting list, and if you do get that far, you still have a very very long wait... we are talking 10 years plus! Just to walk the banks and cast a line is a chance of a lifetime.

One of our members has donated a guest ticket for this exclusive water. If you take the guest ticket before October, the duration of your visit will be 24 hours. After October, a guest ticket is extended to 48 hours. This one will be hot property! You may never get the chance again - take it while you can!

As we've said, there may be more prizes announced in the next few weeks, so please keep checking the forum under the Specialist Section. This is all for charity, so dig deep.

One caveat that we have to include; we have set out brief rules above, but this is the first time that we have tried this. Therefore, in the event of a dispute of any kind, the decision of the Specialist Committee will be final.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

VAC Specialist Committee

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Winning Bids 2010

The charity auction closed at the Carp Match final - many many thanks for all your bids, and bad luck to those that missed out. It went really well, and the money raised will help greatly towards the end result for the charity. Thanks most of all to those people who donated the prizes - you know who you are! And an honourable mention to Steve Rogan, who donated the first prize and kicked the idea off in the first place - thanks mate.

Final Bids and winners are below. If you can let me have the dosh in the next couple of weeks I would appreciate it so we can do the final financial tally up for the charity. I'll put you in touch with the prize donators so you can organise your days out etc.

  • Pair of Arsenal Tickets.........................£110.00..............Jakey Lakey
  • Dave Lane Brolly..................................£40.00...............Webby
  • Guided Barbel Trip with Keith & Dave.........£100.00..............Jon Hussey
  • Pair of Chelsea tickets............................£80.00...............Ash Adams
  • Guest Ticket on the FIsheries...................£130.00..............Shane Poole
  • A week at Roseau in France......................£110.00..............Dan Mason

Thanks to all and bloody well done!

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