Specialist Committee Annual Report 2013/14

It’s fair to say that in the first part of this season the Specialist Committee were struggling. We had too few people on board, who were prepared to throw their weight and assistance behind running the events we wished to hold. Perhaps we had become victims of our own success? When we initially founded the committee, we certainly weren’t envisioning hosting on average more than one event per month throughout the course of the year. Nevertheless, we once again held a full programme of events, including the Matt Mills Memorial Trophy (aka The Carp Match), trips to the Avon and the Itchen, Pike Matches, Stick Float Clinics, Predator Tuition Days, the Carp Clinic and many more.

You may have seen the appeals for help in the recent newsletters, and we are delighted that a number of people have stepped forward to take up the reins. We now have a more even distribution of labour, and as a result we are brimming with enthusiasm again for the coming season. All of the old favourite events will be hosted this year, although there will be some changes to freshen some of these events up. We also have some ideas for new entries into the diary. As such, it pleases me to say that we are back on track and looking forward to seeing you on the bank in 2014.

One slight moan – we are seeing an increasing number of people book places on our events and then fail to show up. This really is irritating, as it means that the event is under-subscribed, and more importantly, that we have had to turn someone else away who could have enjoyed the day. I’m afraid for several of our events we have therefore had to introduce pre-payment with the booking, in order to try to resolve this. Please bear in mind that most of our events are fully subscribed. If you book a slot and then fail to show up, you are effectively stopping someone else from going.

Several of our events are previewed elsewhere in this newsletter. Please also check the VAC Forum and the Specialist section of the website for updates.

Oh, and we are still open to offers if anyone wants to lend a helping hand…..

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