Stick Float Clinic

August 15th 2009, Marford, Short Walk,

You can never be sure how many people will turn up for an event like this, I have to say that I was a little nervous driving over to Marford in the early morning.
What if no one turned up? I could be standing in a field explaining shirt button shotting patterns to a bunch of Heifers!!
As it transpired we ended up shuffling cars in the car park so that everyone could get in while Jon Hussey and Buzz provided Tea and Coffee to those waiting.
I felt that my part went quite well, but I acknowledge that I could have done better and provided a better set of 'Props', even so, the guys seemed attentive and asked a number of sensible questions, which I think I answered in the same manner.
After my 'talk' we set off to fish the river, I was delighted to help several members catch their first Barbel using the stick float set up, I was also delighted to hear that my two 'helpers' Dave Currel and Andy Giddings both helped and encouraged several anglers to overcome their reluctance to use a float, in the end we all let other members use our gear and I think we were successful in establishing their confidence in a traditional method that can be so deadly.
Mid afternoon I went for a walk, in every swim that it was possible to float fish, there was a member doing just that, with the exception of one angler that had just put out a ledger while eating his sandwiches.
For me this was a tangible measure of success and by late afternoon there were still a good dozen anglers float fishing, so I cant have done too bad a Job.
I thought this was the end of it but over the next week I had four members phone me to thank me and tell me they had taken onboard what I had to say and had used my methods on several of our venues with great success, mentioning several personal bests.
For me this was the icing on the cake, I had hoped I could help some of the members to try something different, the fact that it was succesfull has given me enormous personal pleasure!

Thanks Lads

By Keith Speer