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Match Scene Summary by Allan Bayman

Last year was a record year for our home waters with match records at both Frogmore match lake and Riverside Road being blown out of the water and overall there has been a marked improvement on sport at both venues with good backing weights showing at most matches and from a wide range of pegs.

We have gone to some lengths to book venues that we hope offer what people are asking us for with a range of venues not just commercial carp fisheries. We had hoped to have a canal and maybe another river fixture but the challenges of parking, mediocre sport and other considerations means currently Felmersham is our lone moving water fixture. Our fixtures should offer good, even sport so hopefully skill will play the biggest part in the results not the luck of the draw !

The spring warm-up matches have been generally very good. How End showed itself to be an exceptional venue even if the cool weather slowed things down a touch but as it warmed up so did the sport with 20lb just about getting you into the Top 10 at Riverside in our last warm-up match.

So the season starts again with the championship matches on Sundays and our six-match evening league series. Please see the link at the top of the page for the full fixture list.

We look forward to seeing plenty of our members taking part in these matches and as always if you have any questions please drop me a mail at matches@verulam-angling.co.uk. We also run a mailing list sending out the results and taking bookings for the next match so let me know if you want adding to this.

LATEST :  Riverside bonanza  - 3-hour match record broken by match novice from 'duff' peg and over 22lb per angler average. See results for 15th June.

Steve Burfoot, the Frogmore master, has finally beaten the five hour match record.

Steve has been running the midweek matches since January and has had some good weight but nothing approaching the 75.05 bag he put together on May 23.

As predicate, now the weather is much warmer now these matches were bound to throw up bigger and bigger weights as proved with the seven anglers weighing in 273lb - an average of 39lb.

With a few more anglers on the water and muggy high air pressure the weights were a little less impressive for the Champion of Champions match. Current Championship holder Allen Bayman topped the field with 36.12, pushing Steve Burfoot into 2nd with 29.04.

Allan was less fortunate at Riverside on the last Spring warm-up. But the weights were as good as anyone could have hoped for - Dave McGrath taking the win with 45.15 just ahead of Paul Bangs mostly bream weight of 43.14.

On-line is the place to go . Colin Rennison continues to upload great little vids of his match days to Youtube. You can see his day on recent VAC matches at Lake John here, and Slough House, which he won with two super carp, here.


Next matches: It's the hill-walk down to Horseshoe lake at Tyler's Common on 25th June. But before that we have two evening fixtures; June 15 & 22 for the first fixtures of the Evening League. The 3rd Championship match is over at Redbridge Lakes on July 9th. Time to book on for all of these.  Meanwhile the Tuesday knock-ups at Frogmore continue.....66lb was the winning weight for 20th June!!

Please see our new season fixture list - top of page.
Week-day matches:

Due to popular demand we have resumed our midweek matches on Tuesdays on the Frogmore match lake which has been providing some consistently good sport over the last 12 months.  

Draw will be 8:30 and fishing 9:30 to 2:30 although this may be tweaked slightly on the day.

Pools are optional and are just £3. Steve Burfoot will be running these matches so if you want to book on please contact him here or telephone 07505 109880.  

Matches will be pegged around other anglers unless demand is high in which case pegs 20-30 may be reserved for match use.  

These are likely to run until June or July but we’ll be publishing any changes to the schedule once sorted.   I hope this works well for a number of you and we have a few new people taking part in these enjoyable, friendly matches. 

If you want to take part in any of the matches, championship, evening or midweek please email matches@verulam-angling.co.uk and we will add you to our mailing list which will keep you up to date on all of the fixtures and the booking on process.

A reminder that, due to demand, booking for ALL MATCHES is vital. This must be via email or text, don't just mention it whilst weighing in two months earlier and expect us to remember. And, if you fail to turn up, you will be liable for the peg fee. 

 For more information regarding VAC matches contact Allan Bayman : 07768 901252  or Stan Kiddle on 07860 807516

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Season 2017-18 Results

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Event Winner


20 June 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Barry Cowley 66.06
15 June 2017 Riverside Evening League #1 Andy Zneimer 46.12
13 June 2017 Frogmore mid-week knock-up Steve Burfoot 42.12
11 June 2017 Riverside Championship #1 Colin Rennison  39.15

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