Short Walk Magic, Marford

What a day me and David Smith had. It was truly fantastic. Despite the extreme winds and the rain we still managed to land a few fish. Here are the rewards:

This 5lb common was caught off the surface with bread.

This is Claire, she weighs 10lb exactly and as with the carp above, it was caught on bread on the surface.

I used my strong gear to catch these as I knew I would have got snapped up a few times on float gear. As this happened with David that day. I had 12lb main line attached to a swivel and then had a 10lb hook link. I then had a size 8 Kamasan hook which had a big lump of bread flake. When I landed a 4lb 13oz Barbel I was glad I had the strong gear, you surely do need it.

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As we have had heavy rain and strong winds, the river was well up and very coloured. The flow was very fast too. I found a calm area of water on the far bank next to reeds and weeds. It was very hard to get the cast perfect as the wind was so bad. I used the swivel to keep my bait in place as I had the swivel in the weed. The bread would slowly drift around whilst waiting for some lips to come up and engulf it. I also lost a fish whilst trying to text David to come help. It shot down stream within seconds and shook the hook in the reeds. I can't complain though to be honest, catching Claire was enough to make me happy for a while.

I also had this common carp below, weighing 9lb 2oz. This was caught on different tactics, a hair rig with a 1oz lead. I used a 12mm crab pellet along with a fake piece of strawberry corn. The hook was a Fox size 8 series 2BB, which was perfect size for the size of the bait I was using.

This is David with his new PB Barbel weighing 8lb 1oz. When we first saw it in the water, we thought it was 5lb. The scales said different. This fish fell to 6lb line on a Drennan carp feeder hair rig, size 14 hook to 5lb. The bait was a big generous piece of luncheon meat. At the end David had four barbel, a fully scaled mirror at 7lb 7oz, three chub and a gudgeon.

The day was fantastic!!

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