"Frogmore not fishing well", I don't think so.

That's what a man said to me as I arrived at the lake on Thursday ready to start my glorious four days fishing.
Having just finished my AS exams I decided to relieve my craving, by fishing at Frogmore for four consecutive days. The weather was in that annoying English state with "sunny spells" for most of the period, but the forecast was looking more hopeful for Sunday the 8th of June, which was to be my final day.

Thursday started well as I arrived at around 7am and baited up by the island in peg 5, and as soon as I lowered the float I hooked into a nice fish. It was in the net at 2.5lbs and was a typical Frogmore bream. The day went on as I caught over 15 small carp on the pole including a 3lber. However, all I could pay attention to was the man in the next peg (6) who, every 5 minutes hauled out carp after carp off the surface under the Willow tree. At about half six the man decided to pack up, so I swiftly moved in. One or two casts gave me a few takes but I didn't hook them. I decide to take off the float that the man suggested and free line the bait and, as it hit the surface, some huge lips engulfed the bait and I hooked into a good fish. After a tricky fight, I got the fish in the net, avoiding the rope across the left of the swim. The prize was a common carp at 9lb 7oz. I later lost one in the branches of the willow as I got snapped up, and conveniently I had to leave just as the session was getting better!

The next day me and my Fox partner, good friend and matchman, Matt Young, returned to the same swim and hooked several carp on the surface, with 3 double hook ups, which is always a spectacle. The set up we used was simple: a Dynamite Baits 11mm expander pellet free lined on 5lb Maxima line that was tied to a hooklink, with a size 12 Fox series 2 hook, of the same line with a loop to loop knot. That way the knots gave the line some extra weight, needed to improve our casting ability. We had 24 carp together on the Friday and we were returning on the Saturday and the Sunday to increase this tally. The biggest carp on the Saturday was my common carp at 10lb 7oz, closely followed by Matt's common at a weight of 9lb 2oz.
Saturday, turned out to be less successful as the weather was milder and less carp were showing on the surface. After taking a trip to the tackle shop, Matt and I were all stocked up a bit later and caught two large carp before fishing on the bottom, as the carp moved down. Although we caught less, it was worth Matt coming as he hooked into a beautiful fully scaled mirror that read 10lb 12oz off the scales.
The weather was warming up for Sunday and we were both as excited as ever as we were convinced that this would be the best day yet.
Unfortunately, peg 6 was occupied when we arrived, so we couldn't fish by, the willow, but we settled for peg 23. I finally cast my bait in after a whole nights wait, and to my surprise a pair of great big lips appeared from the depths and I hooked into a nice fish to start the day. The prize fish was a common with a distinctive mouth and one scale missing just down from its head. It weighed 8lb 14oz and I was happy to be fishing such a fantastic venue. The same fish, we discovered later, was caught by Matt on the previous day at a larger weight of 9lb 2oz, pictured below. Matt and I have decide to name the fish Steve, after both our Dads.

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9lb 2oz - 7/6/08 Before

8lb 12oz - 8/6/08 After

Matt, feeling a bit annoyed that I was beating him already, beat me to the large koi carp that often goes by the name of Kylie. Matt landed her for the second time this year and we knew it was going to be a good day. The fish weighed in at a lower weight of 8lb 3oz as Matt arrogantly exclaimed; "it was bigger last time".
This last days fishing decided who won the 3 day match as Matt won on the Friday with 65lbs over my 56lbs and I won on the Saturday using Matt's prestigious point system. I was 10lb behind at about 2 o clock with 5 hours fishing remaining, but I was determined to catch up. I managed to equalise with an 8.5lb Mirror and a 6.5lb Common. I was then winning by a mere 1lb 12oz. As the 5 o clock mark was just about to be reached, Matt hooked into a common carp that I was hoping he would lose. Unfortunately for me, Matt landed it and weighed it at 5lb exactly. I blame myself for the loss as I could have hooked about 20 more carp, at least that I managed to miss, including a nice Koi that I will catch in the future. I was gutted but still very grateful to be able to fish this fantastic water 4 days in a row. I can positively tell you that it is in fact 'fishing well'!

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