Anglers Paradise

The Best Time Of My Life.

Well Where Do I start? It truly is Paradise. And good old Zyg Gregorek is as mad as people say he is, he's just a happy person really. Zyg and his wife Rose have made something really fantastic here and if you're mad about fishing, this is definitely the place for you. I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

The first day we got down to anglers Paradise on the Saturday, me and my Dad walked around every lake, it took awhile. My mum and even my sister came with us to and they went to have a look at our amazing villa. As you might of guessed me and my Dad didn't go with them, instead we done what you do at Anglers Paradise and that's fishing. We both couldn't wait to get a line in the water!

We went to the car and got our gear out and decided to go to the Tench lake to catch the elusive Golden Tench. We both used poles and surprisingly there was only four other people using a pole in the whole week we were there. Only my Dad succeeded in catching these Golden Tench, by having 10 to my none. I knew I wasn't going to get one after about an hour as the blue and golden Orfe were everywhere. So I decided to get my top 3 out, and free lining corn and spraying micro pellets over the top. All the time it was in out, in out. It was like catching Roach at Frogmore, just too many of them. However, I wasn't getting bored as I've never caught these magical fish before. Plus, these Orfe weren't small, they were all at least 8oz up to 1lb. So I had around 300 of these Orfe in a couple of hours.

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The next day, we got up at 8am, we were going to give the Float Fish lake ago. Yet again, this lake was also full of Golden Orfe, all good sizes to. My Dad decided to fish from a Pagoda shelter. I went just down a bit from him and fished by some reeds. You could see all these Golden Orfe and Golden Rudd just sunbathing on the surface of the water. We both fished the pole yet again and yet again succeeded in catching a few fish. No one ahs ever blanked in this lake apparently so we were hopeful. I beat my Dad in this lake fair and square. I caught a lot of big red Goldfish and some huge golden Tench.

3lb 2oz Golden Tench

The third day, Monday, we went to Pixie lake ago. This is a very small lake, at only 1/3 of an acre. It's a very weedy lake with only a couple of places fishable. The thing about these lakes is that we don't really know what were going to catch. So the first put in with the pole is a bit worrying really. I fished the far bank at around 9m and my dad fished by some Lillie's. These lakes were full of lillie's. We constantly caught small carp around 10oz and picked up the odd big Golden Orfe around 1lb 8oz. By using a kinder pot on our poles this enabled us to keep the fish busy and pick off 1 fish at a time while the other fish were eating the bait in the pot.

These little kinder pots are very useful, and if you buy one you get the chocolate to, as well as a great bait pot.

We just catching these carp and Golden Orfe all day. We had little matches on quantity of fish to. The main match was Tench, and strangely we didn't catch one green Tench between us, they were all Golden Tench. My Dad ended up beating me in this as he had 56 to my 38. It was fun anyway. Literally two metres opposite from Pixie lake was Magic lake. I had a good feeling about this lake, that it would hold some surprises, and it certainly did. Me and my Dad fished it the next day.

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Tuesday morning, another glorious day. The sun was shining and there was no clouds or wind. Perfect! I quickly got set up and was fishing 12m out to the far bank by an over-hanging tree. The first fish, like I said, was a surprise. A pretty decent sized common carp, the reason I know what it was is because it leaped out the water, twice. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It then came off, due to being foul hooked. I then went on to catch some small carp and even a golden carp. After half an hour of fishing I had to move, the wind was so strong when it got later on in the day. I moved next to Pixie lake as it was really calm there. As I cupped some pellets in by the margin I heard a constant slurping noise from a carp in pixie lake. I got up and had a look and it was a beautifully coloured Koi, around 3lb. I couldn't resist, I had to catch it. I put on my surface rig on my pole and put on a dog biscuit. Virtually straight away after putting my biscuit in I caught this amazing Koi. In the week I was at Anglers Paradise I caught this stunning Koi twice.

1st time, 3lb 4oz

2nd time, 3lb 5oz

After catching this Koi the first time I was pretty happy. I was hoping some carp had moved in on my bait I put down in Magic lake. I got a little shallow rig out my seat box, a Fox match mxp 2, 3x10 float. This was ideal for where I was fishing as it was small. I was only fishing 1ft deep. I put some pellets a about 2m out from my feet on my right and then 4m further, I put some more pellets. This is so I can catch fish from both areas. If one area gets disturbed, perhaps from a carp splashing, I can go to the other area. Where the fish got spooked from they will always go to bait that's closet which I found out that week at Anglers Paradise. I went on to catch a lot more carp around 2lb, also catching a very decent Golden Tench. The fish of the day though was a Ghost Koi with only the one eye. I really enjoyed this day and was going to fish it the next day.

It was Wednesday and it was another sunny day. I fished Magic Lake all day and it was the best day so far. I decided to fish a little bit up from where I was fishing the previous day. I was still fishing 1ft deep on the bottom, some area's even shallower! As you might know, Carp love feeding in shallow water, that's why I was fishing by the margin where it was shallow. When I got to the lake I got some micro's and 4mm pellets out and put them right by the edge, under my feet and a little way up, around 1m. As soon as the pellets hit the water, there was mud coming up everywhere. And then Out of no-where, a big tail came out the water. I was getting very excited by this point and quickly got my pole out ready to catch a few big ones.

You might be able to just see my float let alone the lighter patches of water, this is actually the mud being stirred up, this fish caused this..

This kept on happening through out the day along with the tails coming out the water. One of these carp I had this day was a ghost Koi, around 6lb like the one I had the day before. I got it into the net and saw that it was the same fish, it only had one eye. So as well as the Koi twice I had the same ghost Koi twice. My Dad and I also went Mystery lake on this day which wasn't really a mystery as we only caught golden Tench, 36 together. Also I had a little carp, I'm not sure where the chub and barbel which were meant to be in there were hiding.

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Day 5, Thursday. Today was hopefully going to be a special day as I paid an extra £5 to fish Koi lake. And yes it was only Koi in the huge lake. Unfortunately I had to use my big carp reel for these Koi's as I didn't have a reel with 8lb on. This is the minimum line that I had to use, with minimum size 8 hook. I used 12lb dark sensor line for these Koi's and my fox carp rod. I tell you now my arms were aching after all this casting. I got told the best way to catch these Koi was surface fishing which involved a lot of casting. At the end of the session I had 7 Koi's. I had some absolute monsters take my dog biscuit but when I struck, it didn't get hooked.

As you can see they were quite small. If only I had one of them monsters!!

I only did a morning session in Koi lake and Magic lake was calling out for me yet again. I just had to go back there and see their tails out the water. It's a brilliant site. At least then you know you have a fish in your peg. I packed up my gear and went back to my favourite lake in Anglers Paradise, Magic Lake.

I got to Magic Lake around 2pm and was gagging to catch another beast from this water. As I got to the same peg as the day before a man came over to me and said "I had quite a nice Ghost Koi yesterday with only the one eye, I had it three times in the same day." I said to him , "I've had it twice out now but two different days." This Ghostie obviously hasn't learnt its lesson yet.

As soon as I set up, I was into a decent carp after loosing three foul hookers. I was fighting this fish for at least 15 minutes, it just wouldn't give up. It came into my net, just, and it was a 7lb 8oz common.

As you can see this Carp looks quite different to a Carp in Frogmore for example. The scales look as if there blended in and there really light coloured. Not all the carp were like this. This happens because of the colour of the water. Lighter the water, Lighter the fish. This is the case most of the time. You can see the difference between these two common carp.

The last day, Friday, already. You know what they say, (Time flies when you're having fun.) It's true. We were leaving at 10am and I had to get a little bit of fishing in. Surprisingly, I went to Magic lake. I got up at 4:30am and was fighting a big carp at around 5am. I got it in the net and it was another monster, it looked like the big common carp I had the day before. I weighed it and it was 7lb 8oz, the same as the other one. I was sure it was the same fish. I took a picture but as you may of guessed it was dark and didn't turn out to well. I went on to catch a few more carp and a few small Golden Tench. Despite the only bit of rain we had on the holiday.

One of the best things of the holiday though was that my Mum and Sister caught a few carp. They hate fishing! What's going on?? Well it was 'Magic Lake' that they fished.

Best fishes everyone!

Matt Young

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