of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 67

September 2005 



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Match Bookings :

Due to water level issues no bookings will now be taken for Frogmore for season 2005-06.


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Moor Heroes, Less Litter

To mark the acquisition by Verulam angling of the fishing rights to the four pits at Park Street the VAC organised a major clean-up blitz (aka working party). Around 50 keen members turned up on Sunday 4th September to start the long process of restoring these waters to their former glory and we hope that visiting anglers (special arrangements apply), VAC members and the general public will now respect their cleaner surroundings.


It needs to be recognised that it it still early days regarding these waters and your fisheries team are still considering what needs doing and in what priority. We also have to also recognise that, unlike most of our waters, these pits are open to public access and many casual anglers have enjoyed 'free fishing' for some years. This neglect and lack of management can only be partially blamed for the state of the waters and, in particular, the litter, most of which can only be blamed on inconsiderate anglers. Personally, how someone can call themselves an angler yet happily discard sweetcorn cans, groundbait wrappers and sundry other garbage around them and into the bushes is beyond me.

The pits, formerly run by the LAA now to be know as Moor Mill Pits (to avoid confusion with our existing waters at Frogmore) are home to some very large specimens of various species. In recent weeks double figure tench, bream to 15lb and 'Toadless', the famous 40lb+ leather carp have all been reported.


One thing the club does need for Moor Mill is a committed team of bailiffs and local enthusiastic members to help develop the fishery. Volunteers please contact Barry Killinger - see contacts


Click here for more details regarding this great new fishery.

In case you missed the recent bad news, the VAC have lost access to the River Lea at Batford with immediate effect

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Colin Locke used banded pellet to fool this chunky Riverside mirror at 17lb. In the background you can see the bench in memory of head bailiff Tony Williams

Apologies to the member who sent me this nice pic of a barbel from the Long Walk stretch at Marford Farm

Junior member Thomas Wells (age 11) landed this above average Marford Farm chub weighing in at 3-08

Chris Knight (new member) has already sussed Smallford if this carp (right) and the big tench below are anything to go by.

This is Matt with another Monster Smallford 8lb+  tench

Left we have one of the larger Marford Farm barbel at a reported weight of 8lb. Captor is a very happy Ian Angel.

According to Paul (Chelsea) Hill who sent me these Smallford pictures, Alex Mullen is 'too old' to catch big carp like this near leather (right).


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