of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 31

September 2002 


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New member Philip Rickett has reported a 2lb roach from Leasey Bridge!!

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More @ Frogmore

After many months of planning, permission seeking and detailed consideration your General Committee has agreed to commence with the first of a two phase extension to our fishery at Frogmore. This first phase will cover the clearance, reworking and landscaping of what's currently being called the 'Trout Lake'. This is because our trout section see significant value in developing a dedicated trout fishery rather than having just a dozen weeks each Spring at Riverside. 




As can be seen from the pictures, the existing lake, although holding some fish, requires extensive work and removal of a significant amount of trees and undergrowth. At this stage actual dates remain to be confirmed but it is hoped that the groundwork will be completed before Christmas allowing it settle an mature during 2003.


Redevelopment of the fourth lake at Frogmore, which is extremely overgrown, will be reviewed once the costs associated with the Trout Lake work are clear and a better view on membership revenues, fishery budgets and other items of cash flow are to hand. One possibility is to develop the fourth lake as a big carp only water, stocking only double figure fish. Do you have a view? If so why not drop us a line by emailing the secretary here.

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Match News

Despite not being particularly experienced with carp fishing VAC member Mick Johnson, on peg 11, managed to hang onto three carp (pulling out of a further six) and thereby winning a recent match at Frogmore. I hope Mick invests his winnings on a decent set of carp nets, his fish barely fitting into the canal style tea strainer he was using ! Despite Mick's success the VAC team were narrowly beaten (again) by Hatfield Park AC.


For the latest results from VAC matches see the reports page here. 

Club News by Email

Over 200 members now received regular updates from the club secretary. If you wish to be added to the distribution list just drop him a line (via email of course). Repeated below is a recent bulletin:-

News from the IPA : "River is very weedy at present especially above Sandy ie your own stretch opposite Blunham's. Catches around Biggleswade are good with some big catches of chub and of course barbel. Advice to members is have a look around before fishing. Sandy New Road is very unfished but does contain some big fish including carp as well as chub & barbel. The Ivel does offer a realistic chance of hooking into 5 & 6lb chub, and they are caught every year. Night fishing is allowed."


Many thanks to the member who sent in some good pictures - hope to get them published on the web site soon. Many thanks also, to the members who send us continuous reports about (I'm afraid) the problems at Marford Farm. Members can expect some immediate action from the General Committee. 

Don't forget, you MUST have your membership cards, ID and EA licence when on club waters. You will be asked to leave if you come without. We can't hope to police YOUR waters without enforcing this rule. You pay good money to fish the VAC fisheries, we try hard to sort the poachers out - but need your help by simply having your paperwork with you. Club magazine time is getting close, please let me have any contributions by mid September. Don't forget the website, it could do with some input from members as well!

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Your contribution?

Richard Pringle sent this snap in of a very small common caught this summer at Riverside Rd. What makes this special is that it implies that at least some of our carp's spawning efforts haven't been to waste

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