of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 68

October 2005 



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Match Bookings :

Due to water level issues no bookings will now be taken for Frogmore for season 2005-06.


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Mick Swallows 10lb carp !!!!

Or should that be 'Mick Swallow's 10lb carp'?

The VAC Golden Peg prize was finally bagged last month on the match on the Globe section of the GUC near Leighton Buzzard by popular regular Mick Swallow (brother of Pete Swallow - see 'Your Contribution')


Drawing on peg 3 close to the Globe riverside pub there was always the risk that Mick would be distracted by the lure of a pint of best at opening time. But he made the most of the good draw to take just over 10lb of skimmer bream plus this double figure carp, landed on the pole and 1lb line to win with 20.07. This was well clear of match organiser Brian Lakin who had a waggler caught 8lb carp in his 2nd place net of 12-11.


Mick picked up around £40 for first place plus £192 for the Golden Peg Accumulator.


It's been noticeable that match attendances have dropped off this year. Fresh faces are always welcome and, if you were one of the absent 'regulars', drop us a line (by clicking here) and let us know why we don't see you these days.


Note that attendance to the world record breaking Rolf's Lake on November 13 needs to be pre-booked,

Over on Smallford the venue has been surprising even the regulars with some unknown 30lb carp coming out. Although the club did stock a common known now as 'the Lady' at 31lb, Paul 'Chelsea' Hill says that this is "deffo a different fish".


Captured by Chris Knight and weighing in at 31.02 Chris has nicknamed her 'Molly' - in his words "after the man's dog who taught me how to fish". Wow, a dog that can teach fishing!!. And, to rub it in, it's the second time Chris has landed Molly this season.


The consensus is that Smallford now hold possibly four different 30's in addition to numerous 20's and upper doubles plus double figure tench and bream. Certainly one of our premier venues.

Over at Moor Mill on the Leather Pit young Matt Mills has had his string pulled by this 21lb'er. There's only a handful of carp in there so landing this is a great result.

Meanwhile, Paul Hill has reported a bag of 8 double figure bream from the same pit. Anthony ? has had a pair of 3lb perch on lures from School Pit and Paul Hill (again) has had an 8-07 tench and some big true crucians from the same water.

Click here for more details regarding this great fishery now available to VAC members.

In case you missed the recent bad news, the VAC have lost access to the River Lea at Batford with immediate effect

Your Contribution: Keep those pics coming in by clicking here

Simon Teasdale sent in this snap of a double figure carp from the Frogmore match lake. Plenty of fish down there in need of a good winter feed-up so, go on, give it a go.

A reminder that, for many people, October is the time to start piking. Smallford, Moor Mill and our Ouse venues all hold good pike. Also, the Turnford and Lea Consortium waters are worth checking out if hunting ol' Esox.

A small pic of Kelvin Fellows with the famous Riverside Koi. She's not yet a double - maybe next year.


George at Colney Tackle, London Colney, has asked me to mention his new range of cat food flavour feed pellets.

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Above is Pete Swallow with a picture taken in 1989 at what is now peg 25 on the Frogmore Match Lake. Low water levels were a problem back then as well.

Look out next month when I'll be publishing some of the pictures sent in by Pete of Frogmore taken in the 80's. And also, more details of La Carp Ark,  Pete's carp fishing holiday venue, set to open next Spring in the Haute Vienne area of the Limousin, France, known as the French Lake district.

The inclusive price is £250 per angler, maximum of 4 per booking. Or the site can be hired exclusively for £1000 per week, max 4 anglers.


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