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Issue 8


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    The VAC is proud of it's healthy membership levels, a reflection on the quality of club waters.

    Many clubs are seeing a decline in numbers re-joining, whereas  the VAC continues to see growth, year on year. For some, the incentive is our friendly and thriving club match scene. 


    Each season we have around two matches per month, plus several one-off events, inter-club

    competitions and the popular

    Summer evening league. 










    Pools are always optional and, of course juniors are always welcome at any event. 


    For more details contact  details contact either  Mark Jones (01582 612945) or Bob Scott (01727 832596)


    See recent results HERE 


    To contact the Secretary by email click here: jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk

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    Not a member? Then join now and save

    As our still waters slow down with the cooler weather now's the time to try your luck on Verulam's river fisheries. And, if you're a visitor to these pages and not already a member, now's the time to join as we are now offering a 50% discount on new memberships.

    Felmersham downstream past the islands

    [Our Felmersham fishery on the River Ouse above Bedford, home to large chub, barbel and bream]

    What this means is that you only pay half the normal annual fee plus a joining fee and benefit from access to all our fisheries until 14th March and our all-year fisheries including Frogmore and Smallford until June 15th. Of course, we then hope you'll rejoin for the new season from June 16. 

    As adult annual subscription is currently 45 this means you save 22.50

    For further details see our subscription page - here


    IYour contribution here?

    Any articles, photos and comments would be welcome. With a thousand members I'm sure some of you must be capable of producing some quality photos of fish from club waters.

    Send your submissions to:- stan.kiddle@bt.com

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    Last Winter young James Williams braved the frosts to bank this large mirror from Riverside Rd



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    Looking to update your tackle? VAC members can claim an extra 5% discount at Rodsandsods - clue, the password is a club stillwater renowned for good bags of roach.