of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 45

November 2003 



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They're Getting Bigger !!!!!!!!!!!!


Members who have visited our upper Lea venues will be aware of the carp that inhabit these stretches. At Leasey Bridge we have a few elusive lumps that drift in and out of the back water but rarely visit the bank.

This beauty, reported at 17-08 by member Mick Ravenscroft was taken from the river. Below is the story of its capture in Mick's own words:-

Whilst fishing Leasey Bridge on Thursday 23rd October yet again I have been targeting "lefty" the common carp (so called because of the missing scale on his left flank). I finally captured him after 4 or 5 sessions of frustration of him eating all but the hook bait from the dinner table I had laid for him and his companions.
Giving me a run for my money he went up and down river like an express train testing tackle and my own reserve to the limit. After a period of time that seemed to last forever I slipped "lefty" lovingly into my landing net only to realize that he would only just fit. The scales run round to 17lbs 8ozs a river fish of a life time I think you would all agree.
I hope to add another chapter to this story soon as I will now endeavour to catch one off "lefty's" companions whom myself and some friends have nicknamed "Two-tone" and "The Black- common" The latter fish are as big if not bigger than "lefty".

Elsewhere on our venues some excellent catches are being reported with carp to 19lb from Frogmore and several Marford visitors reporting good barbel.

 A reminder that Marford has restricted hours of access and no member should be on the venue before 6:30am or after 5pm. These times now apply until the end of the season.

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Barbel Beauties

It's not just Marford and Leasey that are producing Barbel. This 12lb beauty was reported earlier this year from the Ouse at Radwell by Peter Gill.

As above, here's the story in the captors own words:

 "The attached picture is of a twelve pound barbel I caught at Radwell bridge on the 4th of September. I was actually fishing the Vauxhall side but the fish came from a swim that can just as easily be fished by Verulam members on the short stretch below Radwell Bridge. It might also interest members to know that Matt Hayes and Mick Brown were fishing the Vauhall side that day, filming a new TV series due for release next spring."


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Your Contribution

Marford barbel

Regrettably I've mislaid the details of capture here but this is an nice example of one of the bigger barbel, at Marford.

As mentioned above, the regular diet of pellets and luncheon meat is helping them to pack on weight, the biggest going over 8lb now.

Please remember when fishing this venue to use sensible tackle, barbless hooks and ensure that any barbel you land are given a chance to recover before being fully released. and don't be surprised if you catch the same fish a few hours later !!!  

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