of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 61

March 2005 


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Due to water level issues no bookings will now be taken for Frogmore for season 2005-06.



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Fishing, golf, sun & sand - 2 bed family apartment to rent on the Costa Del Sol.



The first stocking of trout at Riverside for the 2005 VAC Fly Fishing season took place on 2nd March in preparation for the 10 week season which runs from 4 March to 12 May 2005 inclusive.  570 trout at about 2 pounds plus 100 at 3 pounds plus which included some at over 4 pounds have gone in. Helping Oster Bayne (top right) stock the fish were Ken Mourton (bottom right) and Neil Roberts who commented “what a great bunch of fish we got this year from our new suppliers” 


Warning! The fish this year are almost double in size compared to last year with some real “beauties” amongst them so do remember to use appropriate tackle or you will loose the your prize fish. Remember to bring your Season or Day tickets as well as club memberships and Licenses. They will be checked.


Spread the word. A day ticket to VAC members cost £7 with member accompanied guest tickets at £13.50 (£7.50 Day Ticket plus VAC Guest Ticket at £6.00). For day tickets contact Paul Mills with two days notice on 01727 758696. Remember, it is still a three fish limit but at about two pounds plus each, that is 5 to 7 pounds of beautiful trout with great sport a day for £7 this year versus 3 to 4 pounds last! Is that good value or what? Remember, Season Tickets are still available at £70 for 10 weeks and £35 for 5 weeks. Apply to John Youngs on 01582 833678.


Want to try fly-fishing? Are there any members interested in having a go at fly-fishing? Some of the older fly fishermen would be happy to provide tackle and show any VAC members the ropes and help them get started on this “sport of sports” on a first come first serve basis, probably after Easter. We could handle up to six interested anglers and could arrange for a couple of teaching sessions on a Saturday morning, the first to check the sport out and have a go at casting over grass, the second to have a go at catching a trout at Riverside, free of cost, the first time anyway! Interested? Then phone John Youngs on 01582 833678 or Oster Bayne on 01582 832916.







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Dear Verulam Webmaster,

 My dad and I have had a fantastic season at Marford Farm.  We have kept on fishing throughout winter, just this week we caught 16 barbel and 50+ chub (average 2lb+).  Our best day was in the summer with 44 barbel to my PB 7lb 14oz on floatfished and ledgered pellet.

Here are some pictures of a few of my best fish this season.

    1. Barbel, 6lb 12oz
     2. Barbel, 7lb 4oz
     3. Barbel, 7lb 14oz
    4. 2x 6lb+ Barbel that we caught simultaneously.
     5. Tench, 3lb 8oz
     6. Carp, 9lb 8oz
     7. Carp, 9lb 12oz
     8. Carp, 8lb 4oz
     9. Carp, 7lb 12oz
    Many thanks to the VAC for the brilliant fishing.
     Matt Townend, aged 12


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Discount Baits




Members may recall in a recent e-news a mention that Titmuss's in Wheathampstead offer VAC members a nice 5% discount on bait products. They do a very large range of pellets, seeds, ground baits etc. plus a selection from Dynamite Baits and Ton Up



Why not club together with some mates and buy some 25kg sacks of hemp and pellet? Empty, clean and dry plastic 2 litre milk bottles are excellent for storing smaller quantities when you split the sacks down.


Click here to download the .PDF file of the RRP list (160kb).


GJW Titmus Ltd Hertfordshire New Mill, Lummer Lane, Wheathampstead, Herts,

Tel: 01582 833883


Match News:


That man Dan beat chub famine to make Stan an also ran!


The last VAC match of the current season, relocated from Riverside to Felmersham started with just nine anglers braving the icy riverbank and ended with five blanks. The pre-match banter was around the Championship as webman Stan was in lead postion but Dan Patrick just needed a top four place to pip Stan to the finishing line. And, if Kev Hawes could find over 10lb he was in with a chance as well.


At the whistle Stan had around a dozen chub and 10 dace whereas Dan had just one chub, pole caught from the margins at the tail of the islands. Unluckily for Stan, Dan's chub went 4-11, knocking Stan's small fish bag of 2-09 into second place and ditto for the final Championship placing with Dan's TOP 10 (and only) results netting him 745 against Stan's 737 (from 883). In third place is Kev Hawes on 691 (out of 761).


Other results now concluded are the Winter Cup taken by Brian Lakin with Dan in second place, the Home Waters Cup with Mark Jones in second place to, you guessed it, Dan again, and finally, the Canal Cup taken by John Dean with our other canal ace, Tim Jones, in 2nd place. Dan was in 25th place !



All the results are here


Above Dan and below, runner up Stan.

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We are excited to announce the arrival of the most exciting range of bait products for a long time.

Developed by ' Sticky Baits' the range is mainly put together using pure bloodworm extracts in the form of 2 or 4ml feed pellets, 4,6,11ml soft hooker pellets, 12,15ml dumbell hair rig pellets as well as method mix, sticky bag mix for pva stocking and liquid or powdered bloodworm to use as glugs, dips or bag fillers.

Also a great range of PVA bag "liquid bag it" oils and a range of dips of which are second to none for staying power on the bait as they are like a thick syrup.

Basically these products have had rave reviews after much field testing with great results and are set to be a huge thing this season for both match and specialist anglers alike. carp trade magazine says "towards the end of last year the bloodworm revolution started to filter through to legions of anglers on the bank with Jason Callaghan's Sticky Baits leading the way. If none of our other predictions come true rest assured this one will, bloodworm in all its forms will be massive in 2005.

We are the sole outlet for Sticky Baits in our area and are expecting a huge response for these products. we have stocks in shop now ready to go so why not lead the way and give it a go.  We are confident that while no bait can guarantee instant results 100% of the time that this range when reviewed over the year will have achieved very impressive results to those who are loyal to it.
We have spent a few thousand pound stocking up on our match section having perhaps letting it slip to lower levels in 2004. as you can appreciate with such a vast choice of tackle out there these days there will always be a problem locating products you wish to try but we will try to stock what we consider to be the best sellers and best value in baits, rods, reels, luggage and end gear.
Now is the time to stock up on your gear and renew that old tackle, as we have full summer stock levels in our shop so we hope to see you soon.



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