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Issue 16


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    A reminder that this site is now sponsored by Queensway Angling of Hemel Hempstead.


    Each month, Queensway Angling are offering special offers exclusively to VAC members. This month they are inviting you to refresh your reels

    Mention the VAC website and get 15% off most reels in stock. Ask Mark nicely and he'll also do you a deal on all the line you might need.

     Remember, Queensway Angling offer a large range of major brands - just phone 01442 254 723 for a quote.

    Talking of line, Queensway still have ample stocks of Silstar Match Team.

    This was one of the first 'cult' lines and is brilliant for waggler fishing and for match carp. Silstar have gone bust along with DAM so once it's gone it's gone.

    Working Parties - Last call for working parties. Contact the bailiff of the venue(s) that suit. Please phone at sensible hours (6pm - 9pm is usually best).
    Smallford: Brian Armstrong 01707 890693 or 07410 020133
    Frogmore:  Alan Chinnock 01727 768262 or 07970 941915
    Riverside Rd: Graham Kenchington 01727 850695 or 0780 3054680
    Marford Farm: Laurie Seymour 01727 765820
    Leasey Bridge:  Lee Chittenden 01582 615060
    Paynes Lane: Bob Blaskett 0208 443 0149
    Ouse, Flit & Turnford: Barry Killinger 07966 394717

    Got something to say or had a good catch on club waters - then  just click to let us know.


    Links of the Month

    Can you get enough?

    Click here for a summary of commercial fisheries in Hertfordshire


       New Waters & New Fish

    The club is always keen to extend the waters it controls and, at the time of writing, we are negotiating regarding access to two different river venues:

    Full details will hopefully be ready for publication by the time the river season starts so check back here frequently.

    For details on all our fisheries just click here.

    Members are reminded that guest tickets are readily available for most VAC waters. Contact either Ash Adams on 01442 216301, Barry Killinger on 07966 394717 or Tony Williams on 07966 389609 for further details.

    Over two hundred pounds of tench to 7lb and bream to 5lb pound were introduced to the Car Park Pool at Frogmore last month.

    These were in addition to around two hundred pounds of quality roach, crucians, perch (to over 2lb) and bream split between Riverside and Frogmore.

    Also news from Smallford last month of some small carp (3lb & 6lb) being caught which suggest a successful spawning a few years ago. Have you caught a small carp from Smallford? If so let us know.


    Frogmore, both lakes - June 23rd

    Marford (long & short walks), Radwell short stretch, River Flit all will remain closed due to Foot & Mouth until further notice.


    Obviously, these fisheries will be reviewed on a weekly basis and hope that they will be re-opened as soon as possible. 

    It should be stressed that all members visiting ANY of our fisheries in particular at Felmersham and Radwell that they follow sensible precautions when visitng these waters.

    For example, keep clear of any animals and do not under any circumstances visit the fishery if they have recently been to an infected area.

    Frogmore 2000; sun, rain & memories by Kate Godding

    I awoke to a beautiful summers day in July of last year. After the  usual 'wakeup' cup of tea and long relaxing shower, Dave and I sat at  the breakfast table discussing our plan of action for the day. It was a tossup between shopping in Watford and a leisurely days fishing.

    Click here to

    IYour contribution here?

    Any articles, photos and comments would be welcome. With a thousand members I'm sure some of you must be capable of producing some quality photos of fish from club waters. 

    Two contributions this month, a nice 20lb common by Nick Marsh and a 24lb mirror from Smallford by young Andrew Killinger.


    You still have a chance of winning a PC for the best contribution.

    Compaq Deskpro 4000 - Advanced network solutions!

    Just send to me via email if you can (or email for a postal address) something suitable for this web site and the best entry received by the end of June will win a previously loved Compaq PC.

    Send your submissions to:- kiddlesk@talk21.com

    To contact the Secretary by email 

    Just click here: jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk





    Have you seen the club's ad on NTL cable? Click here to see what you've missed.

    Match Bookings 

    Now being taken for Frogmore 2001

    Contact Tony Williams on 07966 389609


    Want more fishing in Herts, Beds & Bucks?


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