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  • Junior Members Wanted:

    Joe's big chub from Marford Farm

    Whilst November saw the VAC gain it's 1000th member the number of juniors is still pitifully low. If you're not a member and looking to join click here


    Ted Mason, the clubs registrar, is having to stand down as he is soon to move out of the area.

    If any member is interested in taking on this challenging role, for which the club provides some financial reward, please contact the Secretary as soon as possible.

    Guest Tickets

    Members are reminded that guest tickets are readily available for most VAC waters. Contact either Ash Adams on 01442 216301, Barry Killinger on 07966 394717 or Tony Williams on 07966 389609 for further details.

    Guest Book

    Got something to say or had a good catch on club waters - then  just click to let us know.

    - Click Here -  

                        Go Fishing...with Bernard again

    Many of you will remember the famous Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing book which was written and illustrated by the wonderful Bernard Venables.

    This incredible 98-page book, which encouraged tens of thousands of people to take up angling, was published in the early 1950s with a cover price of five shillings (25p) and sold a remarkable 2 million copies before being withdrawn in 1970.

    Bernard, who is now in his late 90s, attended the NFA Coaches Road Show in Hampshire and was so impressed by the children's enthusiasm that he decided his best selling angling book should be reprinted with 3.33 per book being donated to the NFA's educational scheme to fund more courses.

    "Mr Crabtree is not only about teaching fishing" said Bernard "it's about teaching the three guiding principles that have governed my angling life - respect for the fish, respect for the environment and respect for the spirit of angling". 

    To purchase a copy, simply ring 0207 526 2328, not forgetting to quote "commission to NFA". Or write, enclosing a cheque for 11.50, to Map Marketing Ltd, 92-104 Carnworth Road, London, SW6 3HW.

    For a link to more fishing books, especially old, rare and out of print, click here.

    IYour contribution here?

    Any articles, photos and comments would be welcome. With a thousand members I'm sure some of you must be capable of producing some quality photos of fish from club waters. This beautiful looking barbel is posted to highlight the need to be particularly careful returning these hard fighting fish. Especially at Marford where they are frequently caught and are therefore under more stress than most. Members are also request to use barbless hooks and 'sensible' tackle as a number of fish are now sporting lip damage and are caught with other anglers hooks still in their lips trailing woefully light line. A minimum of 4lb bs is suggested, much higher near snags.

    Put 'em back with care

    Another one from my collection, a 6lb plus barbel being slipped back to fight another day at Felmersham 

    Send your submissions to:- kiddlesk@talk21.com

    Match Bookings 

    Now being taken for Frogmore 2001

    Contact Tony Williams on 07966 389609


    Want more fishing in Herts, Beds & Bucks?

    Link of the Month

    This commercial site is now well worth a look. Some of the subscription offers are excellent.

    To contact the Secretary by email 

    Just click here: jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk


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    Looking to update your tackle? VAC members can claim an extra 5% discount at Rodsandsods - clue, the password is a club stillwater renowned for good bags of roach.