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 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK - established 1934.                                                                       February 2011..

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Fishing, golf, sun & sand

 2 bedroom family apartment to rent on the Costa Del Sol.


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Luxury 8 berth caravan to let - White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall

The caravan is sited on this 5 star award winning holiday complex which is also one of the top coarse angling centres in the country comprising 15 lakes.

 Open from March to October inclusive.

Contact Barry Killinger on

07966 394717



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Discount Baits

VAC members, on production of a valid membership card, get 5% discount on bait products from

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Litter - Why?


By February, bank side undergrowth, once deep and lush in mid Summer, is reduced to wispy branches, aging brambles and crumbling leaves. But on many of our fisheries some colour emerges at this time of year. It's when the various tins, packets, bags and bottles, carefully buried under the once abundant nettles and grasses by mindless morons, are revealed in all their glory.


The vast majority of members will never understand what goes through the minds of the small number of selfish individuals who, regardless of the ethics and the risk to their membership, happily discard the evidence of their day, or even weekend, of fishing. And it's not just the bailiffs who end up having to clear up after these people as few of you reading this could walk past such rubbish without feeling guilty and therefore most do the honourable thing. Hence, the more obvious items tend to be collected, leaving only the most deeply buried to stay hidden until now.


The simple fact is that the people, who can bring this stuff with them but can't be bothered to take it home, are not welcome in the VAC.

It's been said enough times before and, frankly, it's not the only punishment our hard working bailiffs would like to dish out, but if any member is caught leaving litter then they will be banned from the VAC for life.

Time for Trout

The popular VAC trout season kicks off on Friday 25th February at Riverside Road for trout section members.

The season runs for 10 weeks during which time Riverside is closed for coarse fishing. Season, day and guest tickets will be available. Casting clinics and away days to popular trout waters are now being scheduled.

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Your hardworking Webmaster, AKA Stan Kiddle, has been fortunate to secure the top place in the VAC Championship for the fourth year running.

The VAC supports a popular match section with an average of 20 on our Championship matches and good attendances on our junior, ladies and senior matches and our evening league. For more information just click the Match button on the left.

Picture Perfect?

Club DB, our excellent member database, is now serving us well with members able to log in and update their details at any time.


However, a small number of members have not yet sent in or uploaded a passport style picture which we MUST HAVE to print up your next membership card. We believe we have now resolved some the technical difficulties but for those who cannot upload a suitable picture please find time to either email your photo (quoting ID number) or pop a picture in the post to the Registrar. More details on the Subscriptions page.

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VAC members, on production of their club card, can fish for no charge subject to conditions. See VAC fisheries page for details.


VAC members can fish The Tring Anglers stretch of the Aylesbury Arm as part of a water share agreement.

 1 off all day tickets for VAC members


VAC members, on production of their club card, can fish the day ticket section of Jack's Lake free of charge



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Your Contribution

Don't be shy, send your catch pics to the webmaster...  

The 'Christmas Match' finally took place in January but, with much of lake still frozen, only four out of 26 weighed in.

Poor Kev Hawes...a bumped fish in the first five minutes and not a bite for the next 295.

This naff picture is webmaster Stan with a 2lb 3oz 'crucian' from Riverside. The jury is still out on if it's a genuine 'cru' - maybe there's a bit of carp in its ancestry?

By comparison here's one from the web that there's no doubt about. Hope we still have some like this in Riverside..


Verulam Angling Centre


VAC bailiff Terry Field is the now the owner of the Verulam Angling tackle shop in Fleetville, St Albans. Situated at 219, Hatfield Road, directly opposite the Morrison's store. Pop in or call Terry on 01727 861777


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