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 Issue 48

February 2004 



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Fishing, golf, sun & sand - 2 bed family apartment to rent on the Costa Del Sol.


STOP PRESS NEWS: 41-08 common carp stocked into Smallford. Click the pic for details:

It may be Winter outside, but in my heart it's Spring


What a frustration. Apart from the 48 hours of ice and snow at the end of January the weather has been pretty good for fishing with lots of warm wet westerly's to keep the fish on the move.


This means, for example, the barbel and chub are still showing well at Marford and plenty of carp and even tench down at Frogmore. Only at Riverside have  catches been patchy due to the very clear water (although it's coloured up in the last few days). The frustration? The fact that I've not had many chances to actually get out there and catch some for myself.


At least, when it is too cold to fish, a nice walk in the snow can be very satisfying......


Had some good catches lately? Then let us know. Better still, send some pics.



Thanks again to Brian Lakin for providing some snaps of Dennis Revell with his 44lb match winning bag from Frogmore.




Apologies to Nick Marsh for saving this great pic from the early Summer.




Yes, it really was this clear.



The season this year will start on Friday 19th March running as usual for 11 weeks and finishing on Thursday 3rd June.  The Trout Committee accept that catch rates at Riverside for the last year or two have been disappointing, there are probably a number of reasons, climate/temperature change, cormorants and perhaps too conservative stocking.  In order to avoid the latter we plan to substantially increase the early stock levels, viz. 300 initial stock then replacement stocking every two weeks thereafter depending on returns. (SO MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE AND LEAVE YOUR RETURN BEFORE LEAVING THE FISHERY).


As regards cormorants we will have ropes up as in past years but will ensure you can lower them for casting, this is a necessary evil as last year we estimate we lost 100 trout to these birds. The best defence is fishermen on the lake, the birds come in at dawn so the earlier we have people on the water the better. (IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RAISE THE ROPES WHEN YOU LEAVE THE FISHERY OR AGREE WITH OTHERS THAT THEY WILL DO SO).


We plan the usual open Fishing Match in memory of Dave Marlborough at the end of the season probably a Friday, details will be put on the notice board. Also we will be organising day trips to Elenor and other venues details again on notice board.


Charges for this year will be £70 for a 11 week ticket, £42 for a 6 week ticket and £35 for a 5 week ticket. Day tickets are £7.50 for VAC club members, a VAC member can bring guests at the additional cost of a VAC guest ticket currently £6. 



Season tickets - Postal applications to; Verulam Angling Trout Section,

   4 Latchford Mews, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8BB with cheque and what day you want to fish.


    Day tickets – Paul Mills 01727 752647 (allow two days notice)


    Information  - Carole Pickering 01727 767409 or John Youngs on 01582 833678.


TICKET SALE AND COLLECTION DAY Wednesday 10th March 19.30 to 21.00 at the Riverside Meeting Rooms.  Come and hear the latest Section News!


“Any VAC Members want to learn to Fly Fish?”

Here is a special offer to all you non fly-fishing VAC Members!  Any members who would like to try game fishing please note that the Trout Section will, via prior arrangement, have two open days on Saturday 20th and 27th March from 9.00 to 13.00 when, for the price of a day ticket, (£7.50) we will lend you the tackle and show you the basics.  Anyone interested is asked to book in advance and contact either John Youngs on 01582 833678 or Oster Bayne on 01582 832916.  We will make the arrangements on a “first come first serve basis” so do not take too long to decide.  It’s a great way to widen your fishing interests!



 * * * Half Season Membership Now Available  * * *

As in previous years, the VAC is providing half-price membership from 1st October until June 2004. Click here for details.





Please report any sightings of cormorants on club waters to the fisheries chairman, Barry Killinger, on 07966 394717 (before 9.30 pm please) or to the Secretary by email Just click here 

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Your Contribution(s)

Back last April member Rob Caterall took only an only to hook and land this 23lb PB mirror on a Trigga Ice boilie fished in the margins.....................


Caught any more Rob?

Also at Smallford, this 11lb'er from Stef Moxom on double mini tuti-fruity boilies close to the island.


You can't seem them where I've cropped the pictures but both anglers held the fish over unhooking mats and kept low, just in case, like John Wilson, they found themselves fish-juggling.


Please, when taking fish pictures follow the good examples here and keep low to the ground - just in case. And get in nice and close so I don't have to zoom in and lose the fine detail.


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