of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
 Issue 66

August 2005 



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Match Bookings :

Due to water level issues no bookings will now be taken for Frogmore for season 2005-06.


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 Discount Baits

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All Odds and Sod's this month

Each month I try to come up with an attention grabbing headline but this month, what with holidays, fishing, work, decorating, fishing, work and fishing all I have is a handful of 'bullet points'. So take cover as the bullets fly....

  • VAC membership passes 1150 - that's 50 up on same time last year

  • VAC match at Alders Farm weighs in with 1,600lb of carp and rudd - top was Tim Jones with 102lb. An average of 45lb per angler!!!

  • Member receives ban from Turnford for leaving rods - don't flout the rules

  • Plenty of double figure barbel reported from Radwell - and a nine pounder from Marford

  • 19lb carp reported from Riverside - is it a venue record?

  • 1000's of crayfish removed from Riverside - got any good recipes?

On the subject of crays, I've always maintained they are only a problem if you do not feed your swim. They can't wolf down food like a carp so give them some nice big pellets to play with just away from where you are fishing and feed plenty of micro and/or 2mm pellets to bag up on carp, tench, bream etc. That's what I did to weigh in 32lb in the Officers match at the end of July. And I didn't hook a single crayfish.


Lady, junior or 60+ ?


Then why not come along to Frogmore on Saturday August 13th for the last of the Summer series?


Matches are just four hours with the draw at 8am, fishing 9 to 1.

For Sale


4-drawer seatbox with pole seat, Octoplus legs, carrying strap and waterproof cover.

Just £25 - if you are interested please e-mail

and he will forward you some photos.

Job Opportunity

We need someone to clean the toilets at Riverside Rd. The job requires full cleaning to be undertaken at least once a week between May 1st and October 31st. Payment is £10 per week.

Cleaning materials are supplied and the job qualifies for a work party stamp. Contact the Secretary if interested.

New Club Venue?


Coming soon, details of a new club venue in the St Albans area. Just awaiting the final contracts to be completed.


Keep checking the website for news and make sure that the secretary has your email on his mailing list.

Your Contribution: Keep those pics coming in.

Sam Beasley landed this 5lb+ ghostie as part of his winning 20lb bag down at Riverside in last month's L,J & 60+ match

Say "Cheese"

Ron Wood took advantage of a day's fishing at Tingrith with four-times World Champ Bob Nudd.

" I had a great day and learned lots"

 .............reported Bob

Magic Pellets

Dan Spelman was amongst the Frogmore carp and took time out to photograph this 5lb common and email me on the link below.

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