of St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Issue 14


Currently, only Smallford remains open, Frogmore is stll closed due to flooding and foot & mouth restrictions. New subscriptions form for season 2001/02 now available

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  • Match Calendar - now issued for 2001/2002

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    A reminder that this site is now sponsored by Queensway Angling of Hemel Hempstead.


    Each month, Queensway Angling are offering special offers exclusively to VAC members. This month they are inviting you to stock up on bait...

    Mention the VAC website and get 20% off all purchases of groundbait, particles and boilies when you spend 15 or more.

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    Trout Fishing

    Trout fishing now available. For more details click the pic.

    Pole Caught carp

    It's a crap picture I know but a few hours in the afternoon at Riverside before the season ended resulted in this 9lb 10oz mirror plus assorted other species including half a dozen roach around the pound mark. Better than staying indoors!

    Links of the Month

    Go to Go-Fish at.....


    Drown your maggots at


       Keep In Touch

    The problems caused by flooding and Foot and Mouth have proved the value of the technology now in use to support VAC members. In addition to this web site the club provides regular updates on the members hotline (01727 835904) and the Secretary manages a distribution list of email addresses.

    Chances are, if you're a VAC member and are reading this you've also got an email account. So why not drop John Trew a quick note via jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk  and have your details added to the list.

    Not only will you get the benefit of important news and events as soon as possible, ultimately it will help reduce overall club running costs.

    'One of our Orfe is missing'

    On a lighter note, readers of the Herts Advertiser may have seen the report about wandering 'gold fish' appearing in the old watercress beds next to our Riverside Road fishery. It seems that the recent flooding of the Ver allowed a shoal of recently stocked fish to explore beyond club boundaries. However, a recovery operation was mounted and we think all are safely returned. However, if in years to come, a record Golden Orfe is spotted in the Watercress beds we know where it came from ...............................
    Working Parties - A reminder that you can still arrange to join a working party by contacting the bailiff of the venue(s) that suit. Please phone at sensible hours (6pm - 9pm is usually best).
    Smallford: Brian Armstrong 01707 890693 or 07410 020133
    Frogmore:  Alan Chinnock 01727 768262 or 07970 941915
    Riverside Rd: Graham Kenchington 01727 850695 or 0780 3054680
    Marford Farm: Laurie Seymour 01727 765820
    Leasey Bridge:  Lee Chittenden 01582 615060
    Paynes Lane: Bob Blaskett 0208 443 0149
    Ouse, Flit & Turnford: Barry Killinger 07966 394717

    IYour contribution here?

    Any articles, photos and comments would be welcome. With a thousand members I'm sure some of you must be capable of producing some quality photos of fish from club waters. 


    There's no truth in the rumour that Uri Geller is a member of the VAC and forget his key when visiting Smallford recently. Instead, it seems the destructive habits of joy riders in a stolen car are to blame for the VAC having to shell out for a new gate. 

    Send your submissions to:- kiddlesk@talk21.com

    Got something to say or had a good catch on club waters - then  just click to let us know.

    To contact the Secretary by email 

    Just click here: jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk


    Match Bookings 

    Now being taken for Frogmore 2001

    Contact Tony Williams on 07966 389609

    Don't forget, rod licenses expired at the end of March. Click here to renew on-line:-

    Want more fishing in Herts, Beds & Bucks?


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