of St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Issue 1

March 2000

Welcome to the Verulam Angling Club web site.

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  • Youngster nets big mirror from Frogmore Match Pool

    Jen&bigmirror.jpg (35984 bytes)

    Jenny Kiddle (7) managed to fool this 11lb mirror, one of the match pools largest residents, into taking a piece of crust early in the new season.


    Into the new Millennium - with the Verulam Angling Club

    As we enter the new millennium, what plans does the VAC have for the future?

    Fishery Purchase:

    We are constantly looking to obtain long term futures with our fisheries and purchase is our best option. This makes the money we spend on fisheries an investment for the future.

    Good Quality Sport:

    We are one of the few clubs to be maintaining membership levels. This year we increased our membership and we aim to continue this by providing members with quality sport.

    Varied Fisheries:

    From deep pits to fast flowing rivers. Variety is the spice of life and the key to a successful club. We aim to invest in our fisheries, giving good facilities. For example, our lake at Riverside Road, St. Albans features toilet facilities and the security of locked gates and full fencing and is therefore very popular with our female members.

    Encourage Young Anglers:

    Juniors are the key to continuing the good fortunes of the club. But first we have to convince them that there is more to fishing than simply bivvies, boilies and carp!

    Protect the sport:

    With the ever-increasing pressure on angling from the 'antis', it is vital that clubs and parent bodies join together. A national body for all anglers has to be formed and then, and only then, will angling stand a chance of standing up top the challenges being made.

    Member Input:

    As a member pointed out some time back, a club is by definition a collection of individuals joined by a common interest. We aim to encourage members to take an interest in the club rather than simply purchase a ticket to fish. The forming of a parent body doesn't stand a chance if grass roots members don't take an interest in their own club.


    To contact the Secretary by email click here:  jtrew@verulam-angling.demon.co.uk