Timberland Fishery, Harlow



ALL Verulam Angling Club members have access to fish the four waters at Timberland Fishery on the west side of  Harlow at no charge on production of their membership documents and in accordance with the following conditions:


To view the facilities of what Timberland fisheries has to offer and maps on how to get there please look at the following link www.theofficialtimberlandfishery.com  - email - info@theofficialtimberlandfishery.com

Conditions of agreement between Timberland Fishery and the Verulam Angling Club.


  1. All members are eligible to use the facilities at Timberland Fishery at no cost, one visit per week. This does not apply to matches where the normal Timberland Fishery charging structure will apply.

  2. All Verulam AC members should report to the Timberland office on arrival and show their membership documents including their current membership card and Identity card.  There will be no exceptions, if you do not have your documents then you will be turned away.

  3. Any member make take a guest or guests to Timberland Fishery but the normal day permit charge made by Timberland Fishery will be applicable. A guest permit from the Verulam Angling Club is not required.

  4. At weekends and Bank Holidays you are required to call the Timberland Fishery office beforehand to ensure that the fishery is not full up. As of September 2017 the new telephone number is 07796792974 (Gary Vinter - Fishery Manager). If you do not call to check you may be turned away.

  5. All rules and regulations set by Timberland Fishery should be adhered to at all times. Available from the office and their website.

  6. Any disciplinary matter arising between Timberland Fishery and members of the Verulam Angling Club may result in a ban from the fishery as determined by Timberland Fishery.

  7. Night fishing is permitted but a night charge will be payable to Timberland Fishery. All night fishing must be booked in advance.

  8. Any additional queries please call Barry Killinger on 07966 394717 or by e-mail



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