Fisheries - Radwell, Great Ouse

VERULAM'S SINGLE bank stretch of the river Ouse at Radwell can probably claim to be one of the most famous sections of the river because of its large population of barbel and chub.

It is a shorter stretch of the river than Felmersham, around two miles nearer to the A6. Around a mile in length, there are two sections – one short stretch below the farm downstream of the bridge, the other from the bridge upstream to the second meadow above the railway viaduct. Certainly the faster reaches mean barbel, and quite a few to 12lb have been reported.

Chub too abound and can provide good sport on the right day. Summer reed growth makes fishing from our bank tricky. We did build some platforms a few seasons ago, but unfortunately they did not comply with EA regulations and thus had to be removed. Plans are afoot to replace them with suitable constructions as soon as possible.

In Winter, however, the banks are easily accessible and members can get amongst the barbel with ease. Above the viaduct, the river becomes wider, deeper and slower. The usual roach, bream and perch are expected but even tench have shown here in increasing numbers.

As with Felmersham, both fisheries are vastly under-used in Winter so you’re bound to find somewhere suitable to fish and both are well worth a visit.

Upstream of the road bridge to the railway viaduct, the fish can be found under the rather lush growth of streamer weed and in this stretch there is a good head of barbel in the 6-7lb bracket with specimens going into double figures. There are also some excellent chub to be had.

n the short section below the road, the fish are more difficult to locate, but here the barbel go into double figures  – 16lb+, the largest during 2007 and there are chub to over 6lb. Stepped up tackle is probably a wise option here.

The club acknowledges that river bank access is limited because of the very heavy reed growth on our bank. During 2007 some new platforms are to be erected. We don’t want to remove the reeds because this is where the fish hold up.

Note also, that parking is only allowed in Hall Farm when fishing the short section. All other parking is through the five bar gate opposite, in the hard-standing area part way down to the upstream section



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