Fisheries - Moor Mill Pits, Park Street


By Paul Hill

THERE ARE actually  five lakes on the complex, and four are certainly still fishable to a varying extent. For the benefit of those who don’t know the venue, or for those that have not visited for many years, here is a brief run-down of what is available.

The car park for the complex is at the bottom of Hyde Lane, just as you come out of Park Street/Frogmore village on the right, at the apex of the sharp left hand bend. Access to the fishery is over the footbridge crossing the River Ver.

The first lake on the right is known as the “Island Pit”, named for the dozens of islands. This is by far the biggest of the lakes, and offers good mixed fishing. There are large numbers of tench and bream resident in this lake, and a good head of silver fish. Some nice carp to 36lb are also evident, although these can be tricky to tempt, and the carp potential is largely unexplored, with those few who have banked decent fish keeping their cards very close to their chest. (Update: 80 upper singles/doubles stocked at the end of 2005). For the carpers, I will say no more other than that it is definitely worth a go! The lake is quite weedy, and if you take the time to find the gaps in the weed, you should reap the benefits. Large numbers of good-sized tench hold in the weed, and there are two huge shoals of bream which can offer fantastic sport. There are quite a few crayfish in this lake, but they can be avoided with the usual methods. There are also some nice pike to be had – usually using mobile spinning tactics, and there are rumours that one extremely large pike was banked last winter. A pretty lake with easy access virtually all the way round, and a huge number of swims, this offers everything any angler could want.

The first lake on the left is known as the “Leather Pit”, named after it’s most famous resident, “Toadless”. (The name is a pun – you figure it out!) Toadless is the second largest leather carp in the UK, and is much sought after by all true specimen hunters. She has been banked twice in the last year (06) at over 40lb, with a top weight edging over 43lb. It is a couple of years now since she has dropped below the magic 40lb barrier, and she is one of the best looking fish you could imagine!  

There are about a dozen other large carp in this lake, all with a history behind them. Plus a few double figure commons. However, carp stocks are low, and the fishing is very hard. None but the committed tend to succeed where Toadless is concerned, and this lake tends to be the domain of the carp anglers for obvious reasons. That said, there are some truly enormous bream in the lake – way over 15lb – and a good head of big tench too. There are small numbers of silver fish, one or two 'record' crucians and again a few big pike. This is a deep lake with a fair bit of weed. There is good access to three sides of the lake, and it has a lovely “wild” feel. In places, you can feel like you are the only angler on earth. My favourite, as you may have guessed, but not for the faint-hearted!

The second lake on the left is know as the “Pike Pit”. It is said to have some huge pike, although I’ve not heard of a really big fish from this lake for some years. Certainly there are lots of smaller pike and low doubles to be had, however. The lake also holds some superb tench. There are a few bream, and numbers of small roach  in here. There's also some large perch, which occasionally fall to spinners and lures. Only the long shallow bank and one side of this lake are fishable. The back of the lake is a sheer cliff, and the water on that side is very deep indeed. There could well be a few surprises in here (two carp seen), as it does not receive much angling pressure at all.

The last fishable lake is separated by some distance from the others. However, the short walk is worth it, as this pretty little lake is know as the “School Pit”. In recent years, the silt and weed have become a problem in the school pit, and it is now largely unfished. However, there are still plenty of tench in there, to a good size (8lb). There are also some very pretty crucians to an unexpectedly large size, and plenty of small roach and perch. A couple of large pike are also lurking in the margins. A few years ago most of the carp from this lake were moved into the Leather Pit, and virtually all of them died within the year. There are certainly five left, though to 22lb. Unfortunately, there are only a few fishable swims on this lake now, but it is well worth seeking one out. The large beds of lilies and the lush reed-lined margins hold good fish. This lake offers a challenge which should appeal to most! Beware, though! The lake is very shallow, and the fish can be quite spooky. Be quiet, travel light, and find the fish, and you could have a very good day!

The fifth lake on the complex runs parallel to the river on the left as you cross over the footbridge. This has not been fished for many many years, and is currently fenced off. It looks like a stagnant pool, but with some work, it will make another nice addition. And there are still fish in there, although nobody knows quite how many, or how big. You occasionally see them on a sunny day moving through the snags.

Big carp, big tench and bream, great silver fish sport and some huge pike. A picturesque venue in a prime location and an element of a mystery thrown in. What more could any angler want? Well done, VAC!!!

Paul Hill - Head Bailiff - Moor Mill


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