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River Lea Wheathampstead  

Location   This superb stretch of the River Lea lies in the shadows of Wheathampstead village in Hertfordshire just five miles north of St. Albans. Easily accessible from the A1 and not far from the M1, it is hard to believe that this prolific stretch of the River Lea is just 25 miles from the centre of London.    


Marford Farm is one of the most popular fisheries in the club and once you have fished there you will see why. Marford is a fishery of two halves; the Short Walk and the Long Walk.   The Short Walk is a prolific venue with lots of barbel up to double figures, hordes of greedy chub, chunky dace, and some magnificent roach touching 3lb.

There are also some very large perch lurking in the waters munching on the abundant minnows and gudgeon. Infant Grayling were stocked a few years ago by the Environmental Agency and are doing well with growth rates exceeding expectations with fish now at almost a pound.

Marford is also home to some large river carp to double figures. Fishing is from purpose built swims only which were built into the banks as part of the river enhancement works carried out some years ago. The banks are generally reed lined and the stretch has a fair few features to fish to. Swims 1 to 13 are on the first beat, the second beat swims 14 to 19 are generally shallower but still hold a very good head of fish.  

Across the road and downstream from the car park is the Long Walk (pictured below). This is quite different with a very untouched feel with lots of bends, overhanging trees, deep pools, shallow glides and there are good numbers of roach and barbel and some very large chub have been spotted in this feature rich stretch with a few good sized carp.

A delightful river fishery  where most  tactics will work from stick float  and maggot, to trotting with a chubber with meat or pellets, to a more static feeder approach. The long walk suits a more mobile approach.  

Please beware of the special regulations associated with this fishery in terms of fishing from pegged swims only and also the permitted fishing times. A toilet is available to members in the car park                                                            

This is a very popular fishery and members are asked to be considerate to others and to the fish, using suitable tackle and weigh-mats.

Updated November 2014


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