Fisheries - Leasey Bridge

(river and backwater)

THE CLUB owns the freehold on this 500 yard stretch of the upper River Lee between the village of Wheathampstead and Harpenden.  
After an impressive start to our ownership, when good roach were taken, the fishery deteriorated to the point when it was rarely fished.  Several years ago, the Fisheries Committee, with support from Hatfield University, put much effort into constructing a backwater, which has created both extra swims and fish-holding area.

Leasey Bridge has now become a very popular fishery with barbel, roach, chub being taken in good numbers and increasing quality. The river runs over numerous gravel shallows and spotting individual specimens isn't difficult if you make a cautious approach. A few deeper pools can be found where, typically the larger specimens hold up.


The backwater lake holds around 8 pegs and is now producing excellent individual specimens such as roach over 2lb and double figure carp.  Perch have also thrived and now occasional specimens to over 3lb are reported and the barbel often prefer the backwater to the river with fish to 8lb now recorded.

Click here for a view of the backwater 'Under Construction'


Note: car parking is limited and members are asked to respect local residents access if obliged to park outside the fishery car park. 




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