Fisheries - Ivel Protection Association (IPA)

THE VAC are members of the Ivel Protection Association, giving members access to around eight miles of the river and its tributaries.

A few words on what to expect for fishing the IPA Waters:- 

Biggleswade Common and Backmeadows: These sections are some of the best fishing on the Ivel with the river at it's fastest and flowing over a lot of gravel. Look to catch barbel and chub on these stretches. Most methods will work ,but this is excellent pole fishing water and step up the elastic as you never know what to expect. A number of double figure barbel were caught last year with most fish averaging 7lbs. Chub in this section are prolific with plenty of 4lb plus fish ranging up to over 6lbs. Biggleswade common also holds a prolific bream shoal with fish to over 7lbs. 

Broom to Biggleswade: A number of hot spots in this section try Buries Hole which is the confluence of the Mill Stream and main river down stream of Jordan's Mill Broom. A lot of chub in this section but some other surprises are in store with almost anything turning up. 

Sandy New Road: A slower section which has suffered like most of the river from cormorant predation. However it contains some big fish so try out the bends and look to catch the big chub and barbel in this section. 

Blunham Behind Salutation Pub: A new piece of water for the IPA with some good chub, bream and occasional river carp. 

In general the Ivel is a classic pole fishery ,although the serious specimen anglers need to tackle up with some strong line (8lb) if they intend to chase the barbel. A 15lb plus fish is not out of the question and they are getting bigger each year. Mostly centred around the Biggleswade and Sandy area, the river is fast becoming famous for the popular barbel fishing and fish well into double figures are not unusual, 12lb 8oz being the top fish last season.

Though the roach fishing is probably not as good as it once was, there is still good quality sport to be had and efforts are constantly being made to improve the river for “silver” fish.

The management committee of the IPA and its member clubs, take the welfare of the river very seriously and work alongside the various other bodies similarly concerned. Stock is introduced into the headwaters of the river and tributaries and allowed to filter down the river naturally.

Some of the tributaries are available for fishing though because of the nature of the river, swims are limited but still worth trying out for the more adventurous.



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