Fisheries - Felmersham

THE LARGEST of our two Ouse fisheries, the VAC controls around two miles of the River Great Ouse at Felmersham, just north of Bedford. In the village itself, there is a short section upstream of the bridge which has around ten swims. Though weedy in Summer, thereís been good bags of bream taken from here and the meadow is usually included when a match fixture is held. Parking is a short distance further up the lane so itís no distance to walk from the car. The other section is below the village at Brook Farm and consists of spinney, open meadow and islands with parking only a short step to the river.

The slower sections can be quite weedy in Summer but sport is still good with some members taking the trouble to drag swims which makes them very production. Thereís no doubt the river is teeming with fish. Following structural changes to the river flow back in the 1960s, parts of two sections below the islands are thick with reeds and in many places now unfishable. Frustratingly the current Environmental Agency policy is to allow the river to revert back to its natural state and thus we can do little to improve the situation. There are, however, some runs between and certainly good chub are worth pursuing.

Further downstream, the river runs into open meadow for a considerable distance with lots of available swims. Pinchmill islands, with its fast runs attract many members who fish for the chub, which run to at well over 6lb and barbel which run into mid double figures. Nice dace and roach also feature along with increasing numbers of big perch. Despite the weed growth, thereís no doubt the venue is idyllic during the Summer months and even if the fish arenít biting, there is prolific wildlife to keep you amused. Even otters are showing now, which is a superb bonus when fishing (yes, I know they eat fish!). I believe, however, itís the autumn and winter when the river really comes into its own and is well worth trying during the colder weather.

Itís worth noting that very few anglers really go for the bream of which there are good shoals with fish to 8lb being taken. Pike also are worth pursuing in winter with fish to 20lb being recorded.


March 2007


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