Fisheries - Aylesbury Arm

This Tring AA controlled stretch is a branch off the GUC with moderate boat traffic. A short pound, itís full of far bank features and has centre track depths to 4ft. prolific for carp to 30lb, and good chub to 5lb 6oz. Other species include tench to 7lb, bream to 5lb, perch to 3lb and roach to 1lb 4oz.

This section is fished a lot for carp. They tend to show to corn, worm or floating bait like crust and dog biscuit. Virtually all are caught to the far bank features. For chub try introducing some chopped worm and try double caster or a segment of worm and caster on the hook and you may still hook a carp. Tench to float fished corn. Roach to float fished maggot and punched bread. Hemp is worth trying in the warmer months.

Details, special rules and directions are as follows:

7/8 - Redhouse-Buckland: A narrow stretch of the canal offering good mixed fishing with a shoal of quality bream located in the short section at Buckland.

9 - Puttenham: The boat moorings below bridge 9 are  a well-known hotspot for quality carp as well as hordes of roach and gudgeon. The short section above the bridge is home to lots of small to medium tench as well as most other coarse fish.

10 - Wilstone: Good mixed fishing with disabled parking, pegs and access on the section behind the village green.

11 - Dixons Gap, Marsworth: Good mixed fishery with disabled access. Very popular with carp anglers.


  • No fishing with 25m of locks. No fishing within 15m of moored boats. No fishing in the vicinity of overhead power lines - these are clearly marked by NO FISHING signs.

  • Fishing starts one hour before sunrise and ends one hour after sunset. Anything outside these hours is classed as night fishing and is not allowed.

  • No proof of current membership - day ticket from patrolling bailiff. No exceptions, No excuses, No refunds.

Directions :

Parking / access points:

Marsworth, reservoir car park, Bridge 132 (OS SP 919 140): Cross road, along towpath past White Lion pub, follow the Arm forking left away from the main canal.

Dixons Gap, Bridge 2 (OS SP 909 144): Reasonable parking in lay-bys on either side of the bridge.

Wilstone, Bridge 3 (OS SP 905 143): Not-so-reasonable roadside parking on either side of bridge.

Wilstone village green, Bridge 4 (OS SP 903 143): Parking for disabled anglers only on the green itself, everyone else in the village hall car park please !

Puttenham, Bridge 7 (OS SP 888 140): Limited roadside parking on the south side of the bridge.

Buckland, Bridge 8 (OS SP 879 139): Limited roadside parking on the south side of the bridge. We're asked NOT to park on the north side.

Aston Clinton, Red House, Bridge 9 (OS SP 872 139): Roadside parking on the south side of the bridge. Tring water goes east only.

None of the parking is secure, so do not leave any valuables on show in your car. The safest places to park are Wilstone village hall and Buckland bridge.

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