Fisheries - Troy Lake, near Denham

THE VAC have a water sharing agreement with Uxbridge Rovers AC  for fishing on the 45 acre lake and the adjacent stretch of the River Colne relief channel.

Situated close to the A412 between Rickmansworth and Denham (see your club paper work for details of parking and the combination for the lock) only about one third of the bank of this vast water can be fished and members must not trespass onto the other banks. Our landlords are the Sailing club that operate from the north bank and  their rules and wishes must be respected at all times.

The true stocks of carp on this huge lake are unknown. The biggest landed and still known to be in there has a confirmed top weight of 43.06. There are no huge back-up fish for this one. The next biggest fish, called Black Spot (mirror) did do low 30's but is back down to mid-late 20's now, and there are about ten other 20's with a dozen or more high doubles as back up.

Getting to these carp  passed the tench can be a problem as they are enormous!! This water once held the tench record and double figure fish to 14lb are comparatively commonplace. But don't be mislead, this is not an easy fishery and not for the casual chuck-an-chance angler.......


In addition to the monster tench the water is known to have record bream with fish to over 20lb caught  this year (2006). As always on such large waters, locating the fish is problem no.1, then getting a bite is problem no.2. Be prepared for blanks before the big one finally appears.

Stocks of roach, rudd, perch and pike are also present and these are largely untapped so any reports would be appreciated. Clearly the potential is there for some cracking silver fish as well.

The venue also includes a beautiful stretch of the Colne Relief Channel. Of course, at times this, like any small river, can be low, slow and chocked with weed. Attractive and challenging.


Time spent fish spotting should put you on the track of big chub and roach and possibly a monster barbel or two - double figure fish have been landed from other local stretches of this river in recent years.

NOTE: Night fishing requires a special permit at extra cost. Check availability by calling Barry Killinger on 07966 394717 (before 9.30 pm please)



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